Americans tell Uber Eats — and other fascinating food findings of 2022

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Foodies across the country made some interesting delivery decisions this year.

Uber Eats has released its 2022 cravings report.

It’s a snapshot of the most popular, unusual and unique delivery requests and trends across the country over this past year.

Along with Uber Eats, other Uber-owned companies such as Drizly and Postmates have completed orders of all kinds.

Here are a few fascinating food findings from this year’s report.

America’s near-universal request for ‘no onion’

In almost all 50 states, the most frequent special instruction on food orders was “no onion.”

This common aversion to onions was accompanied by other frequent requests such as “no tomato” and “extra sauce.”

The top four states that did not request a hold on onions were Michigan, Wisconsin, Utah and North Dakota. In those states, foodies most frequently requested that their orders were “extra spicy.”

The no-booze boom 

Amid 2022’s “sober curious” movement, Uber Eats saw a massive spike in requests for non-alcoholic beverages.

Beer with uber eats on phone.
There’s an increase in non-alcoholic beverages being ordered thru Uber Eats.
NurPhoto via Getty Images

The service recorded a whopping 300% increase in orders of zero-proof beers, wines and spirits over the past year.

The decline of ranch dressing

Ranch lovers are known for their unwavering loyalty to the popular dressing.

Yet requests for ranch have “dramatically dwindled” in recent years, according to Uber Eats.

While requests for extra sides of ranch once topped the charts pre-pandemic, these special instructions now don’t even crack the top 20.

Those late-night college cravings

No one does late-night munchies quite like college kids, apparently. But a few schools came out on top for the most ordering done after hours.

Order Uber Eats sign.
College students are a large demographic that loves their late-night Uber Eats orders.
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This includes Penn State University as no. 1, followed by University of Iowa, University of Illinois and Texas A&M University.

The takeover of the TikTok cocktail

The Negroni Spagliato with Prosecco became a sensation after the cocktail creation went viral on TikTok this fall.

Drizly experienced the social media influence firsthand when orders for the drink’s ingredients — Campari, vermouth and prosecco — skyrocketed in October.

Campari specifically saw a 75% spike in sales.

And now for some very fun pairings

Customers in 2022 were particular about washing down their meals with just the right beverage.

The most popular food and alcohol pairings included steak and margaritas, pizza and White Claw hard seltzer, burritos and margaritas, chicken and sangria, and wings and beer.

Uber delivery driver.
Uber Eats orders sometimes have some odd combinations.
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Some Uber Eats orders revealed generally interesting matchups.

Some of the most unexpected food combos include Fruit Roll-Ups and hot Cheetos, pickles and whipped cream, popcorn and pickle juice, dark chocolate and tomato salad, pizza and applesauce, sushi and ranch, peanut butter and pizza, and watermelon and mustard.

Wrapping up the week 

On Fridays, foodies were most likely to order spicy food and cannolis.

On Saturdays, customers tended to say no to sour cream — while requests for sauce on the side spiked on Sundays.

Shake Shack delivery waiting for Uber Eats.
Shake Shack delivery waiting for Uber Eats.
UCG/Universal Images Group via G

Bananas were the most popular grocery delivery on Saturdays and Sundays, with people ordering more than 3,000 bananas in the last month alone.

“At Uber Eats, we aim to satisfy all cravings no matter how unique,” an Uber spokesperson wrote in a statement. 

“Whether it’s a Negroni Sbagliato or pickles and whipped cream, we’re focused on helping consumers get anything delivered right to their door.”

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