Best Amazon Super Bowl T-shirts of 2023

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There’s something about the Super Bowl that always nods to a sense of camaraderie — the overflowing bowl of spinach and artichoke dip, the million-dollar commercials that we turn into memes the next day, the half-time show, and oh, yes, the game.

Whether you’ve been invited to the barbecue wings-and-cheering type of event this year or laying low at home, there’s nothing quite like getting in the spirit with a T-shirt you can easily ‘add to cart’ on Amazon.

Designed for avid sports fans and those looking forward to Rihanna’s halftime show alike, the apparel — all part of Amazon’s Merch on Demand line — offers some of our favorites to wear on Game Day.

Ahead, find our top styles we’re looking to add to our carts as we speak. While you’re at it, complete your Amazon order with some of the retailer’s best-sellers and top fitness items that’ll make the Prime truck that much more exciting to run to.

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Please note these t-shirts come in multiple colors and sizes.

I'm Here for the Snacks and Commercials T-Shirt

Story of our lives (well, for those who don’t really follow football). This shirt is for the people who know football is about running across the field, scoring touchdowns and grabbing the snacks on Game Day.

This Is My Football Shirt T-Shirt

Basic and to the point, Amazon Merch’s ‘This Is My Football Shirt’ is just $20 and can pretty much be worn to any sporting event if you don’t have a jersey. Amazon is serving the investment pieces lately.

We Interrupt This Marriage to Bring You Football Season Couples T-Shirt

Humorous for the couple you know (who’s serious about football), the ‘We Interrupt This Marriage to Bring You Football Season’ is one of the most humorous T-shirts you can sang ahead of this year’s event.

I Just Hope Both Teams Have Fun T-Shirt

At the end of the day, the Super Bowl is a grand ol’ time. Capture that in a T-shirt with the ‘I Just Hope Both Teams Have Fun’ T-Shirt. Simple, comfortable and to the point.

Yay Sports! T-Shirt

Enough said. Spread your football-loving cheer this Super Bowl Sunday with one of the most versatile T-shirts you can add to your Amazon cart (yes, you can wear it for hockey games, baseball games and more.

This Is My Football Watching Shirt T-Shirt

Perfect for getting sporty at home, the ‘This Is My Football Watching Shirt’ T-Shirt is one of our favorites on this list, namely for its festive and cherry charm (oh, and for the gleaming football at the center).

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