What Are the Different Types of Photography That Exist Today?

What Are the Different Types of Photography That Exist Today

Aristotle first had the idea for a camera in 330 B.C., with the technology getting more advanced ever since.

Many different types of photography exist today. You will need to choose which genre you want to specialize in if you want to make photography a career. 

Each of the different types of photography has a unique style. Knowing about some of the most popular types can help direct you toward a niche you want to try out yourself. 

Our guide covers everything you need to know about the most common genres of photography in the business. 

Wedding Photography 

Photographing a wedding requires good photography skills and the right equipment to capture all the special moments. Wedding photography mixes portraits and event photography and can be an intense experience. 

The basis of wedding photography is finding candid moments that the family will look back on. If you choose this kind of professional photography, you’ll need stamina. You’ll be moving around during the whole wedding to capture the day. 

It is also important to be knowledgeable about how to shoot in a variety of situations. Weddings can be inside or outside and in various lighting. You’ll take portraits and pictures of people grooving on the dance floor. 

Portrait Photography

In portrait photography, the main goal is to capture a person’s personality and mood. You can take either formal or informal photographs in a studio or on location. A good portrait photographer can bring out the best in their subjects and create stylish and expressive images. 

Many people choose this kind of photography for maternity, newborn, and family pictures. You’ll also use this photography for senior portraits and corporate headshots. 

Product Photography 

If you aren’t a fan of working with people, you can photograph objects instead. Product photography focuses on taking pictures for catalogs, labels, packaging, and websites. 

You’ll work from a studio and control the lighting and backgrounds. You’ll need special photography skills like background remover and layout design to get the best shots. 

Fine Art Photography 

The genre of photography that has no rules is fine art photography. The most common fine art subjects are people and landscapes, although you can use anything. 

You’ll take your pictures with the end goal of having your photos in art shows and galleries. You’ll usually frame your fine art photographs before you sell them. 

Travel Photography 

If you want to take photography on the road, travel photography is a fun career. You’ll use your camera to capture the landscape, people, and details of the places you visit. Through your photography, you want to make your audience feel as if they are with you. 

Try Out Many Types of Photography to Find One That Works for You

With so many types of photography, any budding photographer can find a genre they love. No matter which kind you choose, photography can be a very lucrative business if you put in the hard work.

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