eBay removes bid for Latto’s used underwear

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Latto has a new job to add to her resume: the “Panty Police.”

The “Another Nasty Song” rapper, 24, posted her used undies on eBay after an internet troll slammed her for wearing them on two separate occasions

A user first slammed Latto for wearing the same leopard-print underwear in two different photoshoots on Jan. 29.

“Can’t afford new panties?” the person asked.

The “Big Energy” singer then replied to the hater, bluntly tweeting: “Oh no, it’s the panty police.”

A little while later, the Ohio native responded again to the fan, revealing that she’s actually the one who posted her undies on eBay.

“Auction live on eBay since I can’t wear them twice,” Latto stated on Jan. 30 alongside a link to her product.

At the time of posting, the starting bid was $0.99. However, it has since been taken down by eBay due to sanitary reasons and because it violated its guidelines.

Before it was deleted from the auction website, it received over $93,000 in bids.

A rep for eBay gave a statement to The Post regarding the smelly debacle, saying: “eBay is committed to maintaining a safe and vibrant community by ensuring goods sold on our platform comply with our policies, including our health and hygiene standards.”

“This is accomplished by using multiple layers of AI technology, professionally trained eBay investigators, and buyer protection programs to identify and remove offending items. Listings that include used underwear are prohibited under our used clothing policy,” they added.

Latto then joked about the experience, writing on her Instagram Stories yesterday alongside a meme: “BECAUSE I SPENT $95,650 BUYING LATTOS PANTIES.”

Latto clapped back at a user who criticized her for wearing the same underwear twice.

Fans quipped all over social media about Latto’s cheetah panties. “IF THEY DONT SMELL LIKE BOOTY! I DONT WANT EM LATTO,” someone wrote.

Another person laughed: “Scratch and sniff!!!” One user added: “if yall see my bid keep scrolling don’t judge me!”

“Not even 30 mins and the bids are almost up to $100,000. Latto got a new side hustle,” one said.

The Post has reached out to Latto for comment.

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