eufy offers savings on home security cameras on Amazon

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Security: it’s something we think about all the time.

You think about it every time you hover over the “Protect Purchase” button when you’re buying a flight before ultimately deciding you don’t really feel like spending another $45 on your already too-expensive round trip. It’s why wallet chains were invented, before they were appropriated by goths and the Hot Topic crowd.

It’s also a financial term, but we won’t explain that here because this is the New York Post Shopping Section and not the Business Section (we do know what it means, though, and another time we’d be happy to elaborate).

Home security, particularly in the last few years, has been of major interest to consumers. Just think of how many stories you’ve seen about delivery drivers’ relationship with Ring cameras.

But home security systems are frequently expensive, and how can you determine whether the brand is trustworthy or not? Luckily, one of our favorite tech brands, eufy, can help.

This week, they’ve launched a huge sale on their line of reliable home security cameras and locks, available on Amazon. Act fast, and you can secure up to 47% off app-controllable cameras, spotlights, and touchscreen locks.

Below, we’ve highlighted four of our favorite deals from eufy’s Amazon sale.

Two part eufy security system.

eufy’s most popular product on Amazon is the Video Doorbell Kit, marked down 20% from $100 to just $80. A single charge of this camera-enabled doorbell offers an impressive 120 days of performance, capturing your unwanted visitors in crisp, 1080p resolution.

Black eufy touchscreen smart lock

How many ways do you have to open your door now? One? What if we told you that you could unlock four different ways to enter your home — all for just $126 (a 26% discount). You’ll feel like George Jetson unlocking the door with your fingerprint, or you can let a friend in easily by granting them the code.

White eufy spotlight.

The most significant markdown on our brief list is this SoloCam L40 Spotlight Camera from eufy, priced down a whopping 47% on Amazon this week. This SoloCam comes equipped with a hyper-sensitive motion detector, which immediately triggers a 600-lumen spotlight, all the better to light the 2k definition video it’s taking.

White camera and box set.

Finally, we come to the eufyCam 2C 1-Cam Kit, which allows for 24/7 365-day live streaming from your new eufy home security camera, in addition to a full 180 days of battery life from a single charge.

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