Top 5 Dating Spots in New York City

Top 5 Dating Spots in New York City
Top 5 Dating Spots in New York City

Planning to go around NYC but confused about where to go? In this article, we will share some of the most unique New York City date ideas. Here is a list of where you can date your loved ones, family, friends, or just yourself. Most people love New York City; that is no secret. But what makes these places unique is that it connects you to the city in a special way, experiences that will bring you to a more intimate level of New York City. A unique list you just might not find somewhere else quickly.


So the first thing is Chumley’s, a historic bar which was formerly a speakeasy at Bedford Street between Grove & Barrow Streets in the West of Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC.  The speakeasy grew as a favorite spot for prominent writers, poets, playwrights, journalists, and activists.

It was renovated and reopened in October 2016 as a reservations-only restaurant. Fun fact: it became a tradition for writers that they would rip off the cover of their book and pin it up on the wall at Chumley’s when they got published. And what’s really cool is that those book covers are still there today, giving people the bare-bones experience. It’s very dim when you walk in, which is lovely and makes it great for the winter, providing extra snug. They serve incredible drinks, and they also have excellent food. It feels like New York when you walk in, and you’ll love that the book covers are still there. They’re all along the walls behind glass now, you can look at the book covers, and you realize these people are some of the most iconic writers in American history. And since Chumley’s is located in the village, you’ll be surrounded by so much history and old structures. It s a popular place where people take photos, so get your cameras ready. 

2. Al Di La Trattoria 

Al Di La Trattoria is one of NYC locals’ favorite restaurants. 

The establishment has been highlighted in articles around the globe. It earned 2 stars from the New York times when it was critiqued by Frank Bruni. The Michelin Guide recommended al di la Trattoria almost yearly, and Slow Food bestowed al di la the Snail of Approval for its dedication to responsible sourcing.

This is a spot that represents a Brooklyn neighborhood. It’s in Park Slope, so it’s a neighborhood not typically filled with tons of tourists. You get to perceive the locals that reside there, and you get to understand more of what everyday life in Brooklyn resembles, all the while they make incredible Italian food. They have a restaurant in the front available for reservations while there is a wine bar around the corner connected to the restaurant, a spot where you can have a drink. If you’re looking for Italian cuisine within Brooklyn and around Brooklyn locals, this is the place to go. 

3. Gotham Archery

Unlike the other things in this video, the next spot is for the sport of archery, a highly-recommend place. It has a fantastic facility with excellent customer service. The staffs are very informative and will make sure that you and your company will have fun. More than the experience, archery is expected to bring you more understanding of how to be in the moment. This is one of those experience that everybody should try at least once. If you’re looking for a different experience, Gotham Archery is the way to go. 

4. Big Onion Walking Tour 

Big Onion in the Big Apple. If you’re a person who loves seeking adventure outdoors while learning about culture and history, we recommend Big Onion Walking Tours. From 1991, Big Onion Walking Tours has guided locals and visitors on innovative and exciting tours within New York’s neighborhoods and celebrated districts. 

Whether you’re a local or a traveler who wants to experience NYC immensely, this is an exciting way to do it. The tours are usually led by an educator & graduate student guides, who will nicely share their knowledge about each tour’s areas. Along with the experience, you also get to be with a total mix of people from different countries. You know and befriend complete strangers, which is surprisingly enjoyable. 

5. Groupmuse

Last but definitely not the least is Groupmuse, which occurs anywhere in NYC, even inside people’s homes. Groupmuse is a principle enabling music lovers to come together around great art –that connects young classical performers directly to audiences through sociable chamber music gatherings in someone’s home and everywhere in the world. This encounter basically takes classical music, and instead of listening to it in a grand venue, you’re listening to it in people’s homes. All you have to do is sign up on the group news site to find locations near you, and luckily, New York has a lot of group news events. You get to hear beautiful music in a really intimate setting, with people you don’t know whom you’ll connect to via music. It’s a magnificent way to meet people to really get outside of your comfort zone.

That wraps up the list of our top 5 unique New York City date ideas. But just remember, these are not just for dates with your partner, you can also go with your friends or just be on your own. Who knows, you might just meet someone at one of these places, and it could be an instant date!

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