16 Habits Of Seriously Stylish People


While it may appear effortless, remaining stylish actually takes effort, and people who are seriously stylish adopt habits that help them maintain their style.

Here are the top points of stylish people to note from the experts and tips on how you can achieve that seemingly effortless style.

1. Evolve Their Wardrobe to The Statement They Want To Make

Style is something that requires effort. People who are always stylish evaluate and evolve their wardrobes as their lifestyle and goals also evolve. Dress for what you want in life!

Highly stylish people know what message they want to tell the world and they use style as a tool to convey this message. People who feel aligned between their vision of themselves and the message that their clothing is telling about them will always walk into a room with more confidence than someone who struggles to have this alignment.

2. Get Help From Professional Stylists

If you are looking to revamp your style, consider working with a personal stylist or image consultant to get some professional insight into your wardrobe and your goals. Getting professional guidance on what styles, silhouettes, and colors work best for you will guide your shopping and styling as you move forward. Think of this as a personal investment into yourself or even your business or brand.

3. Evaluate Their Wardrobe Several Times in a Year

Evaluate your wardrobe a few times a year, or every season, to stay on top of your style and make sure you are dressing your best. Move along items that no longer fit you, that you no longer like, or that are in poor condition so that you aren’t reaching for them when you get dressed. By putting in the effort to keep your wardrobe in top-notch condition you will inherently be dressing better by getting rid of those items.

4. Keep Timeless Pieces In Their Wardrobe

I always encourage clients to have timeless pieces in their wardrobes. These are building blocks for your outfits and you can add seasonal or trends as a touch of flair to really change the overall feel of a look. When you have a core wardrobe (also referred to as a capsule wardrobe) you know that your wardrobe needs are supported.

5. Instead of Chasing Fashion Trends- They Focus on Their Own

Chasing fashion trends is most often a miss for so many people. This requires constant research, shopping, and styling to stay on top of the ever-changing fashion landscape. Instead, focus on having great core pieces in your closet that fit and flatter you. You can then add trend pieces or accessories to style your outfits through each fashion season.

Tara Dupuis, Founder and Owner Tara Dupuis LLC

6. The 3 Cs of Style;

  • CONFIDENCE! Be unapologetically bold with color, patterns, and accessories. Confidence is the most stylish accessory you can wear and costs nothing.
  • COMFORT! Proper fit is critical. Never mind the size printed on the label. Be sure you feel good in what you’re wearing and that it’s functional.
  • CREATIVITY! Seriously stylish people don’t follow the crowd. They create their own look and inspire new trends.

Shane Svorec,  writer, public speaker, and author of the #1 newly released non-fiction book, Broken Little Believer 

7. Stylish People are Always Unique

Stylish people will always have something to distinguish them from other people. The item does not have to be drastic, but it is somehow visible. For instance, they can wear nail polish to match their belt and shoes. The aim is to make a statement that is unique to them, and they often deliver perfectly.

Harriet Chan, the Co-Founder and Marketing Director at CocoFinder.

8. Stand Out

People with key styles don’t flow with the fashion stream. Nothing like trends and street styles make them compromise on their signature style. They have a few values when it comes to fashion. The fashion sense is derived from their personal choices, so no room for ‘in fashion’.

9. Right On Spot – Size, Color Choice, Weather, Light Constraints, And Occasions

They are masters at mixing and matching multiple pieces as per the demand of time. People with a high fashion sense wear weather, occasion and age-appropriate clothes that make them unique in a crowd.

10. Comfort Comes First

I was surprised to learn that they never get their foot bruised to wear those pencil heels or suffocate their back into a skin-fit maxi. Not wearing heels or maxi is not the lesson here but, people with seriously high fashion commitment opt to prefer comfort over trend. They know how to look gorgeous in their most comforta​ble sweatshirt, jumpsuit, or even heavy-weight fancy bridal shoes.

11. Carry it like Diamond Crown

Trivia tip: People misunderstand expensive clothing and accessories with fashion and style. It is not the million-dollar walk-in wardrobe but the way you carry an ordinary piece that makes you a pageant queen. Whatever you wear, wear it like a diamond crown. Own it all, and you got it all.

Amelia Alvin is a practicing psychiatrist at Mangoclinic.com

12. Daily Skincare

One of my habits to keep me stylish daily is a long skincare routine, not only for the face but also for the body. Starting your day taking care of your face, body and sipping good coffee while on it is the best way to prepare yourself for a stylish day. Having good skin is key #1, so wear anything you want and use makeup or not. 

Also, creating a good skincare routine every morning allows you to look younger and look fresh; nobody wants to see a tired, dull face on a good outfit, and a good outfit deserves good skin and a good mood. Keeping yourself stylish besides clothing is a matter of mindset and attitude, and your face and how you smile, your hands, and how they are kept well when you greet someone are things that talk by themselves. Focus on your skin, focus on your attitude, to keep yourself stylish.

Rosi Ross, NHB Founder & Lifestyle Blogger NI HAO BABE

13. Plan Ahead

As a female marketer, I believe that highly stylish individuals always plan ahead for every event. Whether it’s full-on clothes laid out weeks in advance, getting a pair of shoes that match all of their outfits, so they have plenty of choices, getting their haircut so it’s perfect, or having the appropriate accessories to switch up the same outfit on the same day, there’s lots of choices. If they really want to stand out and be a head-turner, they start planning for an event well ahead of time. 

Kristin Stump, Marketing Manager of My Enamel Pins

14. They Understand The Importance Of Accessorizing

While many tend to skip over the details of accessorizing and focus solely on clothing, stylish people walk a different path. They’re well aware that great accessories can completely elevate their entire look, and they take pride in choosing them carefully. Their keen eye for detail will have them investing in iconic and timeless pieces that can accentuate a dozen different outfits effortlessly. 

Philipp Zeiske, CEO Zeitholz

15. Keep a Wardrobe Checklist

The first habit of stylish people is they have a wardrobe checklist. They constantly keep track of what works and what doesn’t with their various outfits. Keeping a style log is also beneficial to track your favorite items.

16. Maintain a Positive Attitude Towards Clothing

The second habit is how they maintain a positive attitude towards clothing. Some may think fashion is an art form that you must devote hours to perfect.

But stylish people love clothing and want to enjoy it. They don’t get bogged down with the pressures of having the latest trends or feeling like they have to wear something just because it is trending. In general, stylish people also avoid relying on trends because they know those styles will eventually come and go.

Lynda Fairly, Co-Founder Numlooker

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