4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in USA-made Apparel

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in USA-made Apparel

In recent years, American consumers have grown more conscious about the products they buy. And when it comes to clothes, they’re not only concerned about the quality of the apparel they wear.  They also ask how and where different clothing products were made. For these consumers, it’s important to know if a brand is ethical so they can patronize products that support labor rights, the environment, and the economy. 

To stop fast fashion trends, many Americans have begun purchasing apparel that’s made in the USA.  Fast fashion is a term that describes cheap and stylish outfits that become popular and quickly die out in the market. These are usually manufactured in foreign countries where unjust labor practices can easily slide. Unfortunately, once they’re considered out of fashion, these inexpensive clothes often end up in waste yards that pollute the environment. 

Americans are now looking to buy more local apparel to avoid supporting problematic brands. They prefer to purchase tops, jeans, skirts, dresses, and socks made in USA. To further understand how  buying local can be the better option, here are four reasons why you should invest in USA-made  apparel: 

Support Fair Labor Conditions and Wages 

There’s a reason why fast fashion is a lot cheaper than most apparel made in the USA. Apart from using inexpensive materials, these clothes are made in foreign countries where labor practices are not as strictly regulated. Just imagine sweatshops where people are forced to work 12-hour shifts  

without fair pay. Besides the long hours and low wages, laborers may also be working in unsanitary conditions that can make them ill. Moreover, some of these sweatshops may be exploiting children for labor, which unfortunately still happens in these modern times. 

In contrast, when you support American-made apparel, you have peace of mind knowing that workers are paid a fair living wage. It also means people who make those clothes work in a cleaner and healthier environment. Though your apparel will cost a bit more, it’s a small price to pay knowing that the brand supports fair labor rights. 

Wear Sustainable Environment-friendly Clothes 

Since most apparel manufacturers in the US adhere to regulatory codes, they are less likely to use cheap toxic textile dyes for their fabric. Toxic fabric dyes are the reason why the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters of water in the world. It’s no wonder environmental organizations keep calling out clothing companies for discarding chemical wastewater into rivers and lakes. 

For instance, Bangladesh was the second-largest garment manufacturer in 2019. Due to numerous garment factories in the country, their rivers have turned black and many sources of drinking water have become polluted. 

Fortunately, there are clothing companies in the US that have adopted sustainable processes for dyeing their garments. Instead of using toxic coloring agents, they use natural dyes from fruits,  vegetables, or plants. American manufacturing companies may also avoid using a lot of cheap polyester fabric, which is a synthetic material that’s made from plastic. Reducing the use of polyester helps prevent more microplastics from polluting the ocean. So, the next time you buy new outfits,  you might want to consider how clothing companies make them. 

Support the Local Economy and Reduce Dependence on Imported Goods

Buying USA-made apparel supports local manufacturing companies that have been overtaken by less expensive competitors abroad. This spells good news for the economy as more buyers stimulate growth for American manufacturing industries. It helps keep Americans employed and generates more job opportunities that provide Social Security benefits to workers. And if local clothing manufacturing businesses thrive, it ensures that the local industry can keep producing those products, and the US will not have to rely on other countries for certain goods such as apparel.  

Even if the US does not receive imported apparel from other countries in the future, the local economy can still sustain consumer demand. Ultimately, supporting American-made apparel will help the local manufacturing industry recover and grow. 

Get Durable, High-quality Garments 

The idea is to buy apparel from socially conscious companies that also provide the best products.  That’s why it’s important to support American manufacturers that spend a lot of time and effort to create stylish and functional apparel. They make great designs, choose high-quality materials, and put together chic apparel with great craftsmanship. Unlike fast fashion that’s made of inexpensive and flimsy materials, many American clothing manufacturers focus on better quality stitching and construction to make outfits comfortable. So, if you want durable apparel that lasts longer, consider buying USA-made clothing. 

Some might think that limiting themselves to apparel made in the USA will stifle their fashion choices. On the contrary, it’s actually a great way to get outside of your comfort zone and experiment with clothes you may not have otherwise considered before. Besides the quality and style of your apparel, it’s good to know a clothing company does more than profit from its consumers. It’s also an opportunity to support brands that have a positive impact on society. 

We hope the reasons above help you decide to buy USA-made apparel in the future. At the end of the day, it’s still better to support a clothing brand that cares about people and the environment, as everyone will benefit from eco-friendly and sustainable processes in the long run.

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