How To Start Working in Fashion With No Experience

How To Start Working in Fashion With No Experience

So you are ready to enter the fashion industry, but you aren’t yet armed with experience? It is still possible to make it in the fashion world. These days entrepreneurs are stepping up and creating opportunities for themselves to make their way into various industries, even without prior experience. All you need is your determination, knowledge of your subject matter, and a solid plan, and you are ready to begin.

We consulted experts from the fashion world to guide you on the best ways to set foot in the fashion world. Here we have their top pieces of advice;

Hugo Guerreiro is the Founder of The Men Hero. According to Hugo…

If someone wants to work in the fashion industry but has no experience, I would advise starting a fashion blog or a social media account to bring visibility to their work. Put some outfits together on Instagram with advice on what to do and avoid, or have a blog where people can follow the best tips or learn from fashion guides. 

Any insights you have would be of great help. It’s essential to build a portfolio to show in the interview if you have no experience in the industry. I would also try to work with luxury fashion brands since that puts you in contact with customers and what they want.

Clyde Steuber has been working for three years in the fashion industry. He is the Marketing Manager of Independent Fashion Bloggers. According to Clyde…

We are in the social media era. You have free space to show what you got, so create and be active on all social media platforms at first. Then choose on which platform to stay. You need to be active and up-to-date and provide easy tips for your followers to follow the trends. You need also to be consistent with what you share, or you won’t be taken seriously. You will be considered as a regular amateur profile rather than a professional one. 

Create your persona on social media platforms. This does not mean being a different person. You need to decide what to show from your personality with your audience to stand out from the crowd. 

Virginia Kluiters is a photographer in the greater New York City area, producing dynamic commercial and editorial work in the fashion and beauty industries. According to Virginia…

To get involved in the fashion industry, I strongly recommend finding people on social media and LinkedIn who have positions you’re interested in. Focus on professionals who aren’t too far up on the corporate ladder but are in entry-level or mid-level positions at the companies you’d want to work with. Introduce yourself and say you’re interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry. 

Offer to buy them a coffee and ask if you can chat about what their job is like and what advice they can give to someone just starting out. These people will remember connecting with young talent that’s polite, enthusiastic, and passionate. Making these connections will help open doors and create entry opportunities into the industry! 

Yuri Khlystov is an HR and recruitment specialist; According to Yuri…

In fashion industries, the designers make a gallery of a new collection in every season. If someone does not have prior experience in fashion apparel, and he/she can start introducing cultural diversity in a new collection. People love to see the traditional styles and buy unique clothes. 

You can visit different cultures from the east to the west and introduce your unique fashion design. The step could be making the collage of various cultures and introducing it in the fashion show. It would be appreciated and credited by the fashion juries and audience. 

Moreover, you can start recording new designs and upload short descriptive videos on YouTube channels or Facebook or Instagram Pages or Groups and share a beautiful collection of photos of Pinterest. 

Paula Cannon is a Course Creator at Pen 2 Peg. Pen to Peg runs courses to help startup fashion entrepreneurs to successfully develop clothing line ideas from initial concept through branding, design & production, and ultimately launch to market. According to Paula…

Who says you need to have a degree to work in the fashion industry? You just need passion and determination.

Your fashion brand journey begins using the power of social media. Platforms like Instagram help you grow meaningful followers, your “tribe”, that work with you to shape and bring the product line to maturity. 

I have always been an innovator and have some great insights to share with you on brand development, fabric sourcing, sustainability, getting great fits, approaching & choosing a manufacturer, and planning your critical steps to success.

Knowing your ideal customer will give you valuable insights into their values and sartorial choices so that you can design products and clothing that appeal directly to them. Using this strategy before launching, you will find your unique selling point, and you will have a great story to share with more and more customers in the future.  You can undertake wearer trials of garments with your “tribe,” getting them to comment on the styling, fabrics, fit and wash care of your products. This, in turn, will shape other product designs in your collection, getting into the detail that will make you stand out from the competition. 

Many designers are rubbish at drawing. But as long as you can demonstrate your idea in another way, you can still be successful at creating your own unique collection.

Your ability to communicate can be more valuable than your design skills. You need to know your strengths and hire your weaknesses.

So, do you have a great idea for a fashion line? Do the research building the foundations, know your budget, know your audience, and get started with a short course like Table to Label to take your idea from concept all the way through to market.

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