Kids Fashion Trends for Spring 2023

Kids Fashion Trends for Spring 2023

Times are constantly changing and evolving, and so are our wardrobes. With spring now in full swing, we’re all eager to put away all the bulky sweaters and winter boots and welcome the much-awaited warmer weather with something lighter. This is especially true when it comes to our little ones who’d gladly spend their entire days outside once sunnier months roll around. 

This year’s spring collection is just about that. It perfectly captures the wild and restless spirit of children, reflecting their youthful energy in everything from material choice to color and design. If you’re wondering which items to stock up on this season, here are some of the biggest kids fashion trends that we’ll be seeing everywhere in 2023.

A classic denim jacket as an essential layer

Fashion trends come and go, but there are a couple of essentials that seem to stand the test of time. Denim jacket is certainly one of them. Lightweight and versatile, this classic piece can be worn time and time again and manage to look different every time. It’s as simple as having your little one swap out the accessories and add a different shirt and shoes.

But it’s not only the jackets that are taking the center stage this spring. Denim in general will rule the fashion world and everything from pants to skirts to dresses will be used to celebrate this timeless and  eco-friendly material. Your little one can choose from a variety of styles, with acid-washed, distressed, and bleached denim being some of the more popular variations.

Floral print as a spring wardrobe must-have

Speaking of timeless fashion choices, another staple that’s going to take over this year is floral print. Light and feminine, florals add a soft touch to any fashion ensemble. They work wonderfully when paired with edgier pieces such as a biker jacket, but they also make for some of the most versatile prints out there. Wear them with denim or pair them with bold colors, and have your kid rock florals on their rompers, dresses, shorts and shoes.

If you’re lacking inspiration, one look at MODA fashion collections will have you coming up with perfect everyday outfits in no time. Have your little one choose a base color or layer, and then add florals for a dose of personality. That way, your little one can manage to create their own unique style and show off their fashion sense while being cozy and comfortable at the same time.

Puff sleeves and ruffles that make a style statement

If you’re eager to try on a new trend with your kiddo but aren’t a big fan of florals, no worry. There are other ways to accentuate femininity and add interest to an everyday ensemble without reaching for floral print. Ruffles along with puff sleeves are ideal for adding volume and texture, making even a plain jeans-and-a-T-shirt combo so much more interesting.

Make a style statement with a whimsical ruffled dress, reach for a shirt with puff sleeves, or add a dose of playfulness with a frilly skirt. When it comes to fashion, details are vital, and using them cleverly will add visual interest and make your little one’s outfits look elegant as well as fashion-forward.

Everyday sneakers going bigger and bolder

Last but not least, another major trend we’ll be seeing this spring are the extra large sneakers. Chunky footwear seems to be all the rage these days, and this bold and daring trend shows no signs of stopping. Retro-inspired and casual, the XXL sneakers’ thick sole and bulky look makes them pretty comfortable for walking, which means they’re a great option for kiddos who are active all day long. Plus, they pair with everything from athletic wear to casual tees and jeans. 

In 2023, we’ll be seeing a lot of neon numbers, along with striking geometric prints and cool color combos, with sparkling sneakers being reserved for kiddos with a bold fashion style. Either way, with these sneakers as a part of their everyday outfit, kids will be making a statement wherever they’ve headed.

Add a dose of playfulness with children’s fashion trends

Keeping your kid comfortable is top priority, but that doesn’t mean having to sacrifice style. Make an effort to coordinate their outfits, incorporate some of the trends they like the most, and make sure everything fits properly. A little effort goes a long way, and with these trends in mind, your little one will be both comfy and stylish this spring.

Scott Hamlin
Scott is the editor-in-chief of Spice Market New York. He is also an author and publisher of his own craft.