Too Short Skirt or Dress? Here’s How to Wear Them in Confidence

Too Short Skirt or Dress? Here’s How to Wear Them in Confidence

Every gal has that one dress or skirt that’s just a bit too short for comfort. It could be a cute plaid skirt you got from the thrift store or a classy striped frock you swear would be perfect for a vacation look. However, as much as you like these clothes, they stay in the dark corners of your closet for one reason: they’re too short. And pulling off a short dress or skirt can be tricky, especially when you don’t wear them often.

People who aren’t used to wearing short skirts or dresses worry about many things when they put one on. They worry about their dresses riding up and showing their underwear. They worry about that sudden gust of wind on the street that may blow up their skirts and expose their drawers. They worry about their legs and how they look. Indeed, with so many things that could end up going wrong, gals often end up stashing that skirt or dress in the back ends of their wardrobes.

For people struggling with short dresses and skirts, don’t lose hope in these garments yet. With a few tricks and tips up your sleeve, you can avoid a fashion faux pas and ensure that you rock these clothes with confidence and style. Consider the following tips the next time you wish to wear your short dress or skirt.

Put On Opaque Stockings

Wearing opaque stockings or tights is one of the most effective ways to ward off the usual problems that come with putting on short dresses. Even if your skirt rides up, you can feel assured that nothing is exposed in full view. The hosiery also covers your legs, so you don’t have to worry about shaving or other leg-related concerns.

The general go-to color is black, albeit in varying degrees of sheerness. However, you can also try wearing pattern tights to introduce a level of interest to your ensemble and also work as a statement piece. Just make sure that the colors match your outfit, so everything looks cohesive.

Wear Shorts Underneath

This one is a no-brainer. If you don’t want to cover up your legs, put on shorts underneath. They’ll prevent unwanted underwear flashes while ensuring that chic upper-lower body silhouette you achieve from wearing short skirts and dresses.

When it comes to shorts, the selection is wide. In recent years, pairing biker shorts with short dresses have become more popular due to the former’s flexible material and variety of styles. However, you can also try different kinds of shorts that match your tastes more, such as khaki shorts or solid-colored shorts with flourished hemlines (like lace).

Use Your Dress Like a Long Blouse

Short dresses don’t necessarily need to be used as dresses. Explore your options and try using it as a long top instead. Pair the dress with fitting trousers or jeans and explore different silhouettes that match your body shape. For example, adding a belt over a short flowy dress and low-rise jeans allows you to emphasize your waistline.

Try on a Petticoat

Current fashion trends overlook the humble petticoat, but it may just be what you need to pull off that short dress or skirt you’ve been wanting to wear. Pick a petticoat that matches the garment and wear it underneath the skirt. Not only does it extend the skirt’s hemline, but it also helps you feel more at ease since the risk of it riding up becomes lower. Additionally, the petticoat adds more volume to the hip area, which is a great opportunity to explore a different silhouette from the one you usually use.

Extend the Hem with Matching Fabric

One other effective method to wear a short dress or skirt with confidence is to extend the bottom hemline. People today have gotten used to buying clothes off the rack, so they often forget that it’s possible to alter your clothes and have them fit your body proportions better. If you have a dress or skirt whose style you love but is too short for you, sew on some extra fabric or bring the garment to a tailor who can add the extensions.

When choosing the fabrics that will serve as extensions, opt for materials with a similar texture, so they don’t look out of place. As for choosing colors, use the dress or skirt’s palette as your guide. If you would like to add more than one color, consider neutral colors such as white and black, which will help the outfit look more unified.

Don’t Forget to Check the Weather

While it’s important to dress to impress, you should always consider the weather when choosing clothes. It’s especially the case when you’re wearing short skirts and dresses. For example, on a windy day, if you insist on wearing a short skirt, it would be wise to put on a pair of dark leggings or a long, thick petticoat to avoid flashing your underwear on the street. Meanwhile, on a hot day, biker shorts may be more appropriate in helping you stay fresh and cool.

Prep Your Legs

Your legs become the point of focus when wearing short skirts. Hence, prepping your legs so they look great under a short dress can significantly boost your confidence and help you pull off the look with no worries.

If you like the look of smooth, hairless legs, don’t forget to shave in the bath beforehand. If you’re comfortable with showing off some leg hair, that’s fine, too. The thing that you should never overlook, however, is applying moisturizer. This will make your skin look soft and healthy.

Use the Hairspray Technique

If you’re still concerned about your skirt riding up, here’s a tip that not a lot of people know: the hairspray technique. In this method, you apply a thin layer of hairspray on your upper legs. This introduces friction between your legs and the skirt’s material, which prevents the latter from sliding up and down. Gymnasts use this technique to keep their leotards in place while they perform. If it works for them, it may be the right method for you as well.

Stop Adjusting the Dress

When people wear something they are uncomfortable with, it shows. They get an itch to adjust it continuously. Fumbling around hemlines and pulling the skirt down will make you look awkward and out of sync with your outfit. Hence, when wearing short skirts and shorts, try not to adjust them too much. Remind yourself that unnecessary movements can draw unwanted attention and make a mental note to keep your hands at bay. It may be difficult at first, but it becomes easier as you become more comfortable wearing these types of clothes.

Build Your Confidence Slowly

Indeed, it takes a level of confidence to wear short skirts and dresses. Currently, you may not have that confidence, but it is something that you can develop slowly over time. Build your confidence by trying out something more comfortable first, such as extending the hemline of the short dress or pairing the short skirt with dark leggings. Over time, as you become more used to it, you will be able to overcome the awkwardness and wear them however you wish.

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