Top NewYork Fashion Blogs

Top NewYork Fashion Blogs
Top NewYork Fashion Blogs

Fashion is a huge industry and it’s not just about clothes. It’s about the whole look, from head to toe.

You can find out which designers are hot right now, who your favorite celebrity is wearing, or even get some tips for how to wear that new trend you saw on the runway at home, all in one place if you are following a blog.

We’ve compiled a list for the best of the best when it comes to fashion blogs. Whether you like street style, high-end designers, or just want to stay up on what’s happening in the world of fashion, there’s a blog mentioned here for you.


This particular blog cover celebrities, companies, events, and trends that shape the fashion world with 1.8M followers on Facebook and more than 2.2M followers on Twitter.

W Magazine

W magazine is the who, where, why, when, and what of the fashion world with 1.8M followers on Facebook and 1.5M followers on Twitter.


You can get the latest updates on tips and trends about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle with 579.6K followers on Facebook and 6.7K followers on Instagram.

Astute Attire

If you are looking for inspiration from a male blogger specifically for men, Mustua Kakar’s Astute Attire is the right blog for you. With a whopping amount of followers, this is a true and pure inspiration for men. 

Brooklyn Blonde

This blog is run by Helena Glazer. The blog is completely inspired by no one but herself. It has 24.3K followers on Facebook and 466.3 followers on Instagram.


The name is a combination of glamorous and gorgeous and it can not be more accurate. Camilla runs the blog and has many followers over all the social networks.

Mimosas & Manhattan

This fashion and style blog, run by two fashionable cousins who have taken Brooklyn and all of NYC by storm with their own distinctive style with a following of 62.7K on Instagram.

All of these and many other fashion blogs are all over Newyork and can help you catch up with the daily fashion tips you need to have that class and glamour in your life.

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