Top 10 Bars in Queens New York

Top 10 Bars in Queens New York - Different types of alcohols in a dim light bar, a glass of cocktail on a table

New York City’s nightlife is legendary, where the role of Queens has always been distinctive, offering some of the best bars to enjoy a night out. As diverse as its residents, the bars in Queens, New York, offer an exceptional experience of innovative cocktails, craft beers, and delightful ambiance. Whether you’re an opulent imbiber or a lover of good old dives, Queens has the perfect bar waiting for you.

In this article, we explore the top 10 bars in Queens that highlight the borough’s unique mix of cultures, tastes, and personalities. Each spot has its own charm and appeal, making the city’s night vibe uniquely alluring. Step into any of these bars for a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, set alongside a dose of Queens’ local flavor and a round of your favorite drinks.

Bars in Queens New York City

1. The Sparrow Tavern

Nestled in the heart of Astoria, The Sparrow Tavern is a beloved local haunt that offers a cozy retreat with its selection of craft beers, handcrafted cocktails, and hearty comfort food. The laid-back ambiance is enhanced by live music on weekends, making it a perfect spot for unwinding.

2. Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden stands as a testament to New York City’s rich cultural tapestry, offering a sprawling beer garden in Astoria where guests can savor traditional Czech beers and Eastern European cuisine. The communal tables and vibrant atmosphere evoke a sense of camaraderie and celebration.

3. The Bonnie

The Bonnie stands out in Astoria with its blend of stylish aesthetics and culinary excellence. This gastropub offers an array of creative cocktails and an impressive beer selection, paired with a menu of gourmet pub fare. The fireplace lounge adds a cozy touch, especially on chilly evenings.

4. Mad Donkey Beer Bar & Grill

Embrace the energy at Mad Donkey Beer Bar & Grill, an Astoria favorite where the selection of craft beers is as diverse as the crowd. Alongside pub classics, guests can enjoy watching sports, playing beer pong, and diving into a vibrant social scene that celebrates good times and great drinks.

5. Queens Brewery

Queens Brewery in Ridgewood is more than a brewery; it’s a community hub where beer enthusiasts gather to enjoy a range of house-brewed beers. The spacious taproom and inviting outdoor area provide the perfect backdrop for brewery tours, tastings, or simply relaxing with friends under the sun.

6. Sweet Afton

Sweet Afton, located in the vibrant heart of Astoria, offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication. With its exposed brick walls and warm ambiance, this bar serves an array of craft cocktails and beers, complemented by a menu that elevates comfort food to new heights.

7. The Astorian

The Astorian brings a slice of retro elegance to Astoria, offering a curated selection of craft cocktails in an ambiance that blends nostalgic charm with contemporary flair. Live music, a cozy atmosphere, and a touch of speakeasy style make this bar a go-to destination for discerning patrons.

8. Judy & Punch

Step into Judy & Punch, an intimate bar in Astoria, where the allure of craft cocktails meets the warmth of a neighborhood spot. Here, the ambiance is as inviting as the drink menu, with small plates to complement your beverage and live jazz to set the mood.

9. Alewife NYC

Alewife NYC in Long Island City is a beacon for beer aficionados, offering a constantly rotating selection of craft beers alongside innovative cocktails and upscale pub fare. The trendy ambiance and commitment to quality make it a prime destination for those seeking a sophisticated night out.

10. The Ditty

The Ditty is a charming Irish pub in Astoria where the community comes together to enjoy traditional Irish drinks, comforting fare, and the friendly atmosphere. With live Irish music on weekends, it’s a slice of Ireland in New York, offering an authentic experience to its patrons.


All in all, the vibrant nightlife of Queens, New York City is epitomized by these top 10 bars. These trendy spots offer a unique blend of ambiance, exceptional refreshments, and unmatched service for every taste and occasion. Evidently, Queens is a haven for an excellent night out, dialing up the charm and making every visit an unforgettable experience. Making a choice will undoubtedly depend on your mood, but you can never go wrong when it comes to this list.

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