Famous Japanese Restaurants In New York

Famous Japanese Restaurants In New York

Are you looking for some of the famous Japanese restaurants in New York? Then this blog post is for you. In this article, we have penned down some of the popular Japanese restaurants in NYC. let’s take a look at them


World-renowned sushi chef Masa Takayama offers the most expensive dining experience in the city (around $500 per person, including tax, booze, or the mandatory gratuity), but he doesn’t overcharge for his meals; he spends thousands. The mystique of it all—his exquisite materials and rare ingredients– is like eating in a temple. And too severe food lovers with deep pockets that can accommodate such lavishness… it’s worth every penny!

Japan Village

You’re confronted with two delicious options upon stepping into Japan Village: Sunrise Mart, has a trio of small locations in Manhattan, filled with beautifully packaged snacks and difficult-to-find ingredients? Or do you hit up one of the ten vendors that make up this food court in the sprawling Industry City warehouses along the Brooklyn waterfront? First, eat. If you go with your group, start at Shokusaido and order a spread of snacks, including kakiage – Japanese style fritters studded shrimp julienned vegetables come out as tangle.

Taka Ramen – Time Out Market

You know the ramen is exceptional when it garners a Michelin star in the city that specializes in bowls of toothsome noodles. Takatoshi Nagara, the head chef behind Tokyo’s lauded Bigiya Ramen brought their acclaimed Japanese noodle soup to New York with Mr.. Taka opening its doors two years ago on Manhattan’s Lower East Side and has been packing them ever since! Just this week, they opened up at Time Out Market Dumbo, where we will be slurping down miso or vegan style ramens galore – but don’t worry if you can’t make it all there for lunch because you’ll still find lines stretching outwards here by evening too.


This Chesnut walled restaurant specializes in ichi ju san sai—a traditional Japanese meal of one soup and three side dishes for breakfast or lunch, with options like broccoli rabe shiraae (tofu and sesame dressed salad), roasted Spanish mackerel, miso soup with ramp stalks. For dinner, you can snag a seat at the four stool counter overlooking the open kitchen where Yuji prepares ramen tasting reservations only daily changing menu items very attentive to detail.

Sushi Ginza Onodera

Ginza is a Michelin two-star Japanese restaurant in New York. They do not present any ordinary dishes because it’s always freshly flown from the Tsukiji Market, Tokyo’s most prestigious market for seafood and sushi restaurants. Their omakase showcases Japan’s masterful perfection of fish with their impeccable flawlessness that can only be found at Ginza, which transports customers to another world


At this 20-seat counter, an expert omakase selection of exceptionally made edomaezushi awaits you. The sushi is lacquered with soy and nestled atop a slip of warm rice that has been loosely packed for your enjoyment! Expect the luscious toro to arrive first, even before other delicious delicacies like sweet Spanish mackerel or finely shreds ginger in sea bream dusted with plummy ume shiso.

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