Famous Korean Restaurant In New York

Famous Korean Restaurant In New York
Famous Korean Restaurant In New York

Are you looking for top-class famous restaurants in New York? You are at the right place. In this article, we are going to name the best Korean restaurants in NYC. let’s start


It is rare in New York to find a tasty menu for less than $100, so the restaurant of Jua’s caliber at this price point makes it seem like locals keep their local gems close. When you first start with one perfect uni nigiri, its crispy seaweed chip hides pickled cucumber and tuna rice within, which sets an elegant tone for what will become an unforgettable night filled with flavorsome bites that blow your mind!


HanGawi’s vegetarian cuisine will surprise you with its gentle elegance if your concept of Korean food is relegated to just Korean BBQ and fried chicken. This stalwart Koreantown staple is open for more than 25 years, so dining here feels like entering a traditional Korean home – complete with taking off shoes at the door, sitting tatami-style on cushioned flooring heated by sizzling stone rice bowls, or nourishing soups/porridges that warm the stomach. It makes this an ideal date night choice when it gets chilly outside!


This modern Korean steakhouse is unlike any other. They take the common practice of BBQing and turn it into a new experience that’s perfect for those who want to spice up their dinner night! There are different cuts of meat, but all you have to do is pick your favorite cut from the menu, and they’ll grill them right in front of you, so not only will each bite be cooked just perfectly, but also seasoned with salt & pepper before even cooking begins.

The butcher’s feast is a nice choice for first-timers, including four different cuts of meat served with accompaniments and a savory egg soufflé. Save the ssamjang and red leaf lettuce to make exceptional galbi short rib wraps at home!


The restaurant that has done the most to propel current acceptance and appreciation of Korean food among sophisticated diners in the US is undoubtedly Jungsik. It defined a more upscale approach to Korean cuisine when it opened in 2011 has garnered two Michelin stars every year since 2014. well, the menu is displayed in both Korea and English with overlap between sister restaurants, including signature dishes like tuna kimbap or braised octopus with gochujang aioli sauce for adventurous palates! It is also one of the best dating spots in NYC.


What are the best restaurants in NYC?

Best restaurants in NYC

  1. Kochi. 
  2. Crown Shy. 
  3. Adda.
  4. Atoboy. 
  5. Ugly Baby.
  6. Mokyo. 
  7. Oxomoco.

What is the most expensive restaurant in the world?


The most EXPENSIVE restaurant in the world, it charges a whopping $2,380 per head for its 20-course tasting menu. Yes – you read that right! Sublimation is pricey AF and will cost you an arm and a leg (literally).

Is Koreatown NYC Open?

The new pedestrian-only streets in K-town are wonderful for exploration, and after a day of exploring, you can stop by one of the many restaurants to try some traditional Korean food.

Can you sit at a bar in NYC?

Bar seating has just been legalized in NYC!

Where is the largest Korean community in us?

The vibrant Korean American community in Los Angeles is a major feature of the city and county, with over 100,000 living within L.A.’s limits alone and another hundred thousand throughout surrounding areas. 

Vernon works in the community as a devoted Community Manager. He is the first resource of the company when it comes to culture and recreation matters.