Thai Places That Deliver Food In NYC

Thai Places That Deliver Food In NYC

Over the last two decades, Thai restaurants have been one of the fastest-growing dining segments in New York City. Ever since places specializing in regional cuisines emerged, there has been an exciting new wave to this flourishing scene. Today we are going to name the best Thai places that deliver food in NYC. let’s take a look at them: 

Malii Thai Kitchen

Flavored with lime and fish sauce, the duck salad distinguishes itself with twice-fried morsels of duck that are crunchy and smoky. The menu covers a fantastic amount of territory given its small size; everything I’ve tried has been good, especially a curry served over flaky roti instead of rice.

Maison Bangkok

This neighborhood Thai restaurant concentrates on the food of Bangkok, including all your favorite dishes. They have soups in small and large sizes with or without coconut milk; salads such as green papaya salad, ground meat salad, steak strips that come at any level of hotness you want- Basil stir-fries and curries in a variety of shades! And then there are appetizers like curry puffs made from Malaysian-style roti canai to edamame wrapped “shrimp blankets.”

Pure Thai Cookhouse

There are dozens of Thai restaurants along Ninth Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen that engender a dilemma: Which one to choose? Pure Thai is part of a mini-chain that includes Land and Taladwat, helmed by David and Vanida Bank. Each has its own focus, with Pure Thai offering noodles from several parts of the country, such as crab and pork noodles from Ratchaburi or Nakhon-Pathom duck noodle soup. Curry puffs are best in town, while raw crab green papaya salad is not for the timid!

Pye Boat Noodle

Pye Boat Noodle, tricked out like a Quonset hut to make you feel like you are on the edge of a canal in Bangkok, serves noodles akin to those served by boat vendors. Packed with different kinds and flavors of noodle soups for every taste bud, this is your next destination if looking for authentic Thai food that’s not too intimidating for newbies. You can also choose from various other dishes such as yen ta fo, which features an assortment of seafood, or even bamee phoo moo dang hang— dry egg noodles with pork belly -a very rich dish!

Thai Nara Halal

The food at this Woodside gem hails from the southernmost part of Thailand, adjacent to Malaysia. That means creamy coconut milk curries presented as soups that feature egg noodles instead of rice and Thai-leaning versions of things like roti canai with a rare beef version available on the menu. Many seafood dishes are found here, which may be halal meat options for Muslim diners all over San Francisco who want authentic flavors without feeling outcast in their city or country. This restaurant is also one of the best restaurants for dinner in NYC.


It has been almost more than 30 years since a modest Thai bakery in Woodside started by Sripraphai Tipmanee morphed into one of the most acclaimed restaurants. Sit in the glorious rear garden, and admire cascades of flowers as you dine on some classic dishes like Isan sour sausage or sticky mango rice. A lengthy menu is all over the place–and nearly every dish will delight your palate with its flavors!

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