Top Restaurants In West Village NYC

Top Restaurants In West Village NYC
Top Restaurants In West Village NYC

As New York’s most historic and cultural neighborhood, the West Village still maintains its charm despite being surrounded by an increasingly expensive city. While we can enjoy chain stores or new condos popping up every other day in Manhattan, there has never been a better time to explore this one-of-a-right area of town for great food at any price point. Today we are going to list the top restaurants in west village NYC. 

Via Carota

The Italian plates served at Via Carota, the first joint effort from chef power couple Jody Williams and Rita Sodi—at once rustic, sophisticated, and heart-swelling—proves that simple food can be anything but basic. The glass-fronted Grove Street gastroteca (named after the Tuscan thoroughfare where Sodi once lived) is a chestnut’s throw from West Village charmers Buvette and I Sodi: respectively both Williams and Sit took on their roles as downtown doyennes of comfort food done excellently in these respective locations.


Jody Williams has established a severe food-industry following. She is the chef of Buvette in NYC, which features Gallic dishes with retro flavors and self-consciously French decor – making it an excellent spot for wine or dinner on any given night. The small size makes this restaurant perfect for popping into any time you’re near Union Square with no plans to stay long!

High Street on Hudson

The High Street on Hudson restaurant is a refreshing change from the common afterthought of bread. The impressive, imaginative menu makes it easy to forget about dinner rolls and focus instead on your upcoming dish – like their salmon tartare or house-made macaroni & cheese with bacon. Drizzled in butter for an extra punch of flavor (and heartiness), you’ll never lack sustenance again!


King feels a bit like London’s River Café—a landmark restaurant known for its seasonal Italian fare. In the kitchen, Clare de Boer and Jess Shadbolt focus on cooking that is not overly precious: vegetable-heavy menu complements meat and fish courses; you would be just as happy with salad or baked fish (the Carta di musica, a crackly flatbread). The designed space is filled with natural light during the daytime while at dinner ambiance becomes sophisticated yet relaxed. The menu changes each day, and that’s just one reason to come back again and again.

Sushi Nakazawa

Last we saw Daisuke Nakazawa, and he was toiling over eggs and custard as the humble apprentice in Jiro Dreams of Sushi. But now, with his own sushi bar, this modest man has become a skilled teacher through years apprenticing under world-renowned chef Jiro Ono. Each piece that is served quickly makes its way onto your plate at his daily-changing omakase menu, each slice perfect for what you desire from him. 

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