Things to Know About Finding an Avian Vet in Brooklyn

Things to Know About Finding an Avian Vet in Brooklyn

For those who live in Brooklyn, NY and are looking for an avian veterinarian, here’s a complete list of specialists you can take your bird to without leaving the comfort of New York City’s beloved borough. 

Brooklyn Avian Veterinary Professionals

Finding an Avian Veterinarian That Meets Your Needs

Each avian veterinarian may focus on different areas of avian practice, including: 

  • Preventive medicine
  • Senior care
  • Basic care
  • Allergies in birds
  • Avian surgery

Finding an avian veterinarian for your feathered friend during regular business hours should be relatively straightforward. However, not all avian vets are available 24 hours a day. For the most sought-after telehealth bird specialists known for all-hours consultation, talk to an online vet at Vetster in or around the Brooklyn area. 

Avian veterinarians have extensive knowledge of caring for and treating birds. If you need an avian veterinarian to assist you after hours, having access to a telehealth veterinarian is the optimum option. 

With an avian veterinarian, you’ll learn: 

  • How to care for your bird
  • How to create an ideal environment for your bird
  • How to spot signs of sickness
  • What type of nutritious diet your bird needs

The Difference Between a Traditional Veterinarian and an Avian Veterinarian

Since most veterinarians don’t receive the necessary training to care for pet birds, it’s important to find one who has taken the extra time and effort to learn avian medicine. 

A licensed veterinarian can treat any species after successfully completing vet school and passing the relevant board examinations. Most vet school curriculums, however, don’t provide much information about treating pet birds, if any. A veterinarian who is interested in providing care for pet birds will generally secure extra training during their schooling and post-graduation. A veterinarian who does these things would be considered an avian veterinarian. An avian specialist indicates a veterinarian who has in addition completed a vigorous program of post-graduate study and passed the avian specialty board examination.  Akin to the same level of excellence and advanced education as specializing in cardiology or orthopedic surgery, these veterinarians will have extra letters after their names (eg. DVM, BCAV).

The bottom line is most licensed vets have very limited to no training or experience with pet birds, and they’ll usually be pretty quick to tell you this. If you want top-tier care for your pet bird, the safest bet is to find a true avian specialist (Board-Certified Avian Vet), but many regular vets with a special interest in avian medicine are also quite accomplished and capable.

Here are some questions you can ask on your first in-person or telehealth visit: 

  • How much experience do you have practicing avian medicine?
  • Do you have experience treating my bird’s species?
  • What annual care plan do you recommend for my bird?
  • What kinds of avian medicine services do you provide?

Your avian veterinarian should be able to provide you with detailed information on how to house and care for your bird and its daily needs. 

 A virtual vet appointment also gives the veterinarian the extra advantage of being able to see your bird in its home environment.

As a pet parent, you can probably tell when your pet is not in tip-top shape. Whether it’s a Sunday when most veterinarian offices are closed or it’s after office hours, you can ease your mind by scheduling an online appointment for a quick consultation from the comfort of your home. 

What You Can Expect With Telehealth

  • Get real-time advice
  • Convenient consultation around your schedule
  • Many different certified veterinarians are on standby

If you think your bird may need veterinary care, schedule a pet telehealth appointment to discuss your concerns. You’ll get the help and advice you need to make the best decisions on your pet’s health issues.

Scott is the editor-in-chief of Spice Market New York. He is also an author and publisher of his own craft.