What Kind Of Food Did The New York Colony Eat?

What Kind Of Food Did The New York Colony Eat?

New York was originally a Dutch trading colony for beaver fur, and then became the British Crown’s proprietary colony. It reached its golden age under Royal Rule when it quickly developed into New Amsterdam – now known as Manhattan.

The settlers brought over their recipes, cooking methods, and some supplies with them. They also adapted local foods introduced by the Native Americans to make new dishes for European palates – adapting well indeed.

The poor people of the colony started their day with breakfast while those who were more affluent took care to eat a hearty dinner. For lunch, there was only fruit or vegetables available at midday–lunchtime was considered too busy for cooking so it wasn’t uncommon that one would go without food until evening time rolled around again. This lack in kitchens also meant no takeout foods which might seem unusual nowadays but back then these habits continued throughout history as many cultures did not have access to such high technology inventions like microwaves yet still managed just fine by eating simple meals consisting mainly out produce from what grew locally on farms outside town.

The daily life of a colonist in 17th century New England included many meals. Breakfast might start with an oatmeal or buckwheat cereal before moving on to coffee, which was black and strong tasting; some people also added milk into their cup during this time period as well. Lunch would be the main course-whether it’s smoked ham over boiled rice (a very common dish), grilled fish served between two slices of homemade bread slathered in butter from cows raised by local farmers near saltwater farms where they could easily access freshwater year-round due out streams like Narragansett Bay. Dinner often featured “porridge” made up mostly of wheat flour mixed together. 

Colonists were strong people who took care of their health very religiously. A balanced diet helped all the farmers to be strong and keep up with the day. From a Dutch trading colony to religious freedom and royal governance, New York has been through many different periods.

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