Revamping Your Home’s Exterior: Curb Appeal Ideas for a Fresh Look

Revamping Your Home's Exterior Curb Appeal Ideas for a Fresh Look

First impressions are the last, they say. And this applies to your home’s exterior as well. A home’s exterior is like a book’s cover, a window to the soul of your home, giving a sneak peek of the beauty that your home holds within. If you plan to sell your home any time soon, a stunning home exterior can land your home among the hottest listings in the real estate market of Pasadena, California.

Pasadena’s real estate market has taken off, with home prices increasing by nearly 10% this year. If you are listing your home in Pasadena, upgrading your home’s exterior will help you gain profitable returns. You will not only be able to attract more potential buyers but may also grab a significant profit out of the sale deal. 

Whether you wish to sell your property or simply want to give your home’s exterior a clean and new look, we’re here to help you make thoughtful improvements. These improvements will enhance your house’s curb appeal and boost its net worth. Let’s take a look at some simple changes you can make:

  1. Swap Outdated Windows with New and Trendy Frames 

It’s natural for any homebuyer or homeowner to prefer an open, airy, and light-filled living space over an overly bricked-up structure. If your Pasadena home has outdated windows, replacing them with modern, stylish frames can give your home’s exterior a new look and boost curb appeal. 

Contact a Pasadena window replacement company to choose window styles that blend well with your home’s existing architectural style and fulfill your functional and aesthetic needs. This simple transformation has an astounding effect, elevating your home’s exterior with some stunning frames while flooding the interior with the abundant natural light. 

Additionally, the latest window designs often come with energy-efficient features, which provide long-term benefits to Pasadena homeowners by reducing energy consumption and utility costs. However, choose a design that fits your daylight and ventilation requirements perfectly. If you want to enjoy the occasional rain of Pasadena and allow ventilation, we recommend choosing awning windows that are slightly hinged at the top. And if your Pasadena home faces east or west and you want to restrict daylight, it’s always best to add window shutters and install floor-to-ceiling windows only where you receive limited sunlight throughout the day.

  1. Paint Your Front Door

The front door is the main focal point of your home, an entryway that creates the first impression. As a homeowner, you would always want your front door to be a grand entrance to your stunning interior, and achieving this is as easy as repainting or refinishing your front door.  

However, the beauty of your front door heavily depends on the choice of color for your front door and the sleek finish. If your home has a neutral-colored exterior, we suggest going bold in your color selection and opting for vibrant colors that perfectly contrast your home’s exterior walls and roof. However, if you want to maintain the rustic beauty of a wooden door, a little refinishing and repolishing would do! 

The choice of color also depends on your home’s architectural style, patio furniture, and landscaping. Too many colors in your entrance and patio would create a messy and cluttered look. Moreover, be very careful in choosing the paint type, as it can either elevate or destroy the entire look of your home’s exterior. You can choose from a glossy finish, a matte paint base, or chalk paint with antique touchups. Whichever color and paint type you choose, properly clean and sand the surface to peel off old paint remnants. Apply a primer before painting the door for a smooth and even finish. 

  1. Time to Give Your Home a Thorough Wash

Over time, dust, grime, and debris can form layers over your home’s exterior surfaces, including the walls, cemented pathways, driveways, roof, and garage door. There may be areas that you cannot even reach during regular cleaning. Before you decide on painting the exterior walls or redoing your cemented pathways, take the time to thoroughly clean all the exterior surfaces. Hire professional cleaners for deep cleaning with pressure wash. 

A simple pressure wash can often bring back the pristine condition of your cement floors and exterior costs without going for a major overhaul. Pressure wash removes even the most stubborn layers of dirt, and grime brings out the original colors and textures hiding behind grime deposits. 

Apart from pressure washing, clean your home’s exterior, like windows, fences, pool decks, and patios. Inspect the exterior for any pest infestation and cobwebs and clean them properly. This will improve the appearance of your home’s exterior and increase the overall lifespan of each element. 

  1. Upgrade the Garage Door

Windows, front door, and garage door make up your home’s most important exterior elements. From simple and lackluster design that merely fulfills functional needs, garage doors have seen massive improvements in design, materials, and overall functionality. 

It might be a deal-breaker if you have a basic garage door with no added functionality or aesthetics. So, instead of resorting to a lackluster garage door, you should consider making minor improvements. Here are some garage door upgrade ideas you can consider:

  • Choose a door style that complements your home’s architecture. Carriage-style doors are best for a rustic look, sleek designs go well with modern homes, and a paneled door perfectly fits classic home designs. 
  • Upgrade your garage door’s material. You can choose from wood, steel, or even fiberglass.
  • Try incorporating windows into your garage door for added character and elegance.
  • Connect your garage door’s open and close function with smart technology. This will add more convenience and improve your home’s security. 
  1. Improve External Lighting 

You don’t want your home to fade into darkness after sunset. Thoughtful lighting choices can enhance your home’s nighttime curb appeal and highlight even hidden features. 

To create height and depth for your property, use a combination of lights flashing upwards and downwards. Consider installing solar lights along the pathways and driveways in your front yard. These light-sensitive fixtures can detect daylight and light up after sunset. 

Apart from basic lighting, use accent lights to highlight any landscaping elements, topiaries, trees, and architectural features of your home. Install lights around the front door and patio to illuminate the entrance and around the house’s perimeter. 

Wrapping Up 

The above-mentioned home exterior upgrades, including well-kept outdoor spaces, and landscaping instantly boost your home’s value and make it stand out in the entire neighborhood. 

However, the scope of your house exterior renovation project and the modifications you choose are determined by your total budget, functional and aesthetic requirements, and the ultimate objective of the redesign. Before undertaking these tasks, collaborate with your contractor or remodeling company for a precise estimate. Finally, weigh costs vs. benefits to choose projects that make a difference. Good luck! 

Scott is the editor-in-chief of Spice Market New York. He is also an author and publisher of his own craft.