I avoided paying $150 to check luggage — people call my hack brave

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That’s the Spirit!

TikTok user Faith Collins swears she has found a workaround to Spirit Airlines’ expensive bag fees by thinking inside the box.

In a video that has landed 2.6 million views, Collins messily stuffs her clothes, perfumes, tanning lotion and shoes into a cardboard box, tapes it up and addresses it to her vacation destination in Boynton Beach.

“Let’s see how much it costs to ship my luggage to Florida versus paying $150 to Spirit Airlines,” she wrote in the text of the clip, adding in her caption that the rest of her items will fit in her backpack.

The Westminster, Colorado resident claimed it would cost $34.33 to ship the box one way, bringing her roundtrip total to $68.66 instead of Spirit Airlines’ $158 — saving her nearly $90.

TikToker Faith Collins tried to get her stuff to Florida by mailing it instead of bringing it on her Spirit Airlines flight.
Collins tried to get her stuff to Florida by mailing it instead of bringing it on her flight.

Fellow users were amazed — or agitated over Collins’ calculations.

Several questioned how it could cost her so much to check a bag on the airline when doing so should only come to “about $30 or $40” each way.

This prompted Collins to deliver a follow-up video that showed her calling Spirit Airlines to check the cost of adding a carry-on or checked bag. The customer service rep cited her $158 roundtrip for either option.

“I ain’t lyin over here,” she captioned the clip.

“The bag fee is the not always the same. I went on a trip in October and it was gonna be $160 for a CARRY ON bag round trip,” one person defended her in the comments.

Other travel trolls couldn’t get past her haphazard packing skills.

“You brave putting those bottles mixed in with your clothes unprotected,” one noted.

“Bestie for the love of god put the liquids in a Ziploc,” another begged.

“You were brave for leaving lotion with everything else,” another gasped.

Someone else feared that the postal service would lose her package, while another mused, “I was like, ‘You’d trust the mail over the airline?’ and then my brain cells connected and formed a real thought.”

Collins said her method saves her about $90.
Collins said her method saves her about $90.

Collins vowed to do an unboxing to check the condition of her items when she arrives in Florida on Saturday. Many commenters promised her things would be just fine, as they claimed that they or their family members do the same thing.

“I ship instead of stowe all the time,” one confessed.

“My grandpa always does this. I probably will the next time I fly too,” another admitted.

“As a former corporate event coordinator, it’s always cheaper to mail your items to your hotel or destination this way,” a third agreed.

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