I cheated on my nail tech —now I have guilt and a horrible manicure

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All Utah fashion blogger Betti Adams wanted was a chic, pearlescent, almond-shaped nail — but she claims she got nothing like that when she cheated on her nail technician.

Adams posted a warning on TikTok to caution others to never stray from their beauticians, lest they want their manicures, lashes or brows butchered.

“I will never cheat on my nail lady again,” the TikToker declared in a 15-second clip that has clawed 2.5 million views since it was posted online this week.

She shared her inspo photo — a rounded, shimmery pink nail — before begrudgingly showing a photo of what she says was the design she received. The result was thick, baby pink nails that looked nothing like the original artistry.

Pink nails
These were the pearlescent pink nails she was hoping for.
Result of nails
However, the nails she says she ended up with left little to be desired.

She didn’t name the technician or the salon that performed the missed-the-mark manicure in the video.

“What is the easiest way to take them off… send help,” she pleaded in the caption.

“JUMPSCARE,” one wary viewer commented.

“Why can’t they ever get the shape!!!! I asked for the same thing just red!” a disgruntled user agreed, to which Adams replied that techs often blame the clients’ finger shape.

“I gasped….. lol I hope you didn’t pay for those sweetie,” another empathized.

“As a nail tech, I’m mortified,” a shocked user groaned.

“Once you find someone… NEVER go anywhere else lol. Even if the other place is cheaper… there is a reason,” someone else suggested.

Some TikTokers who identified themselves as manicurists were quick to scold Adams for thinking her hands could look similar to the photo, claiming her nail beds are different than those of the model’s.

“The hand in the picture def has long nail beds, which is why it looks so different,” one user argued.

“No way to achieve that look due to your nail beds, unless you get them super long to achieve the narrow almond look,” chided another, despite Adams insisting her go-to salon follows the directions she provides.

Though Adams’ tech didn’t appear to nail her look, things could have gone much worse for the beauty enthusiast.

Nail faux pas as of late have ranged from ugly to downright life-threatening. One Russian-based salon chain went viral this month after sharing a snap of “nipple” manicures that feature an anatomically correct nipple, complete with jewelry.

TikTokers share their botched manis and nail art using the hashtag “#nailfails,” which has drawn 10.6 billion views. Some sets were too thick; others were the wrong color; and on a few it was clear the tech simply could not draw.

Some women have even suffered manicures from hell — one claimed this month she nearly lost her thumb from an infection caused by grinding too much of her natural nail.

On the flip side, some manicurists have posted their shocking client stories — to much horror.

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