I deliver for Instacart — and I had the most awkward naked encounter

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She didn’t want to come in there.

A TikToker is claiming she recently delivered an Instacart order to a woman who answered the door completely naked.

Airica, who goes by the username @mrsstealyostew, chronicles her Instacart shopping adventures on the social media app. Her video, titled “Full Frontal Friday,” has delivered over 12,000 views since it was posted earlier this month.

“This woman just answered her door, and it took me a second to realize. She answered her door, and all I could see was her ‘Polly Pocket,’” Airica revealed in the 21-second clip.

She continued: “She opened up her door, and her cooter was just like, ‘Hello, welcome to our house.’”

@mrsstealyostew, a TikTok user, is a full-time driver for Instacart and recently had to deliver an order to a naked customer.
@mrsstealyostew, a TikTok user, says she delivered an Instacart order to a naked customer.

The Post reached out to Airica and Instacart for comment.

In a follow-up video, Airica divulged more about the alleged encounter, revealing the woman had ordered four tall boy cans of beer; two boxes of Woodbridge-brand Chardonnay wine; a box of frozen White Castle cheeseburgers; and a tray of fresh sushi for a grand total of $11. It’s unclear how she was able to get so much for so little.

Airica said when she arrived at the woman’s garden-level apartment, she noted the unit has a ramp for a wheelchair, an opening at the bottom of the screen door and a dog. Airica stressed these details, adding that she had her eyes trained in a “downward position,” so that she could handle the delivery ahead.

She was not prepared for what she saw.

“I’m like, is that a flesh koozie?” she asked. “Actually, my very first thought was, ‘That is the weirdest looking elbow I’ve ever seen…’ I’ve not seen too many tuna tacos out in the wild, so it almost looked like a fortune cookie.”

Airica said she stood there in shock, not moving, and the woman shut the door. After about four minutes, she explained in a second follow-up video, she thought the woman wasn’t going to come back.

She said she was planning to leave, but the door opened again.

@mrsstealyostew made many funny jokes about the naked customer in a follow-up video on her TikTok page.
@mrsstealyostew made many funny jokes about her reported naked customer sighting.

Airica explained in a follow-up TikTok video that she had a bit of delayed reaction to what she was seeing.
Airica explained in a follow-up TikTok that she had a bit of delayed reaction to the sight.

Airica said because the order included alcohol, she had to scan the woman’s ID and verify she wasn’t too drunk to get the booze delivered. The driver claims she was met with a suggestive look from the woman, complete with an eyebrow raise and a “weird smile.”

“Was she trying to tell me it was box lunch day at the Y?” Airica joked. “I’m sorry, chick, but that $4 is not gonna get you an oyster gargling.”

In the comments section of the follow-up video, viewers slurped up her wild account.

“I am laughing so hard at your descriptors,” someone giggled. “I would die.”

Another agreed, chuckling, “Needs a warning not to watch at work. I laughed too hard😅.”

“That’s a pretty awesome order,” one user noted. “She was going to have a great night.”

Another driver could relate, confessing, “It’s happened to me so many times Door Dashing! It’s disgusting!!”

Airica said the delivery was some of the most "awkward" moments of her entire life.
Airica said the delivery delivered some of the most “awkward” moments of her life.

The Instacart delivery driver also claimed the woman gave her a suggestive look as she delivered the food.
The Instacart shopper also claimed the woman gave her a suggestive look as she delivered the food.

The story appears to have a happy ending. Airica reported last week on her TikTok page that she had been assigned the same customer again. Though, she claims that this time, she was fully clothed.

“There’s no way that she remembers that I saw her aged proscuitto last time,” Airica joked.

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