I have three-course meals at Costco — and don’t spend a dime

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Her meals don’t cost a thing.

Toronto native Tasmin Dhaliwal claims she saves a ton of money by indulging in free samples at Costco for most of her daily meals, which are much more elaborate than a bite or two.

She frequently posts viral videos on TikTok munching and crunching on mini delicacies, many of which end up being “three-course meals.”

“The idea to start going to Costco for samples came on while I was at a Costco location grocery shopping,” Dhaliwal told The Post on Thursday.

“When I stumbled onto a Costco sample kiosk … and five or six more following that one I was too full to hit up the food court.”

She said she was merely “interested in creating a video in the food court trying Costco food” but was shocked by the abundance of free samples.

“I had the idea of sharing the samples as ‘my meal’ and my video got a great response on my food TikTok,” the Canadian social media star said.

In one such video, viewed over 1.1 million times on TikTok, Dhaliwal posted a “three-course meal” she had at Costco that included cookie bits, oatmeal squares, walnut salad, chips and dip and salami slices.

“I feel like a mouse,” she wrote in a video viewed over 2.5 million times in which she eats multiple samples of different cheese.

In her most recent video with nearly 500,000 views, she filled up on “delicious” foods for dinner such as pita with hummus, toast with jam and feta cheese.

The Canadian native snacks on Costco samples like chips and dip, toast and chocolate.
TikTok / @tasmindhaliwal

As for her favorite food items from the superstore, Dhaliwal said she loves to gulp down the juicy soup dumplings by Bibigo. She also gave “honorable mentions” to the chocolate chip cookies, vegetarian sushi, Starbucks coffee and Costco’s $7 rotisserie chicken.

In another video viewed 933,000 times from earlier this month, the foodie enjoyed a dinner full of free goodies such as pesto toast, goat cheese crackers and even hot chocolate.

“Why does it look so good,” a viewer commented on one clip. “Clearly I’m going to the wrong Costco,” a user commented on one of her videos.
TikTok / @tasmindhaliwal

Samples aren’t just for dinner, either. Dhaliwal even went for lunch on a different day for yet another “delicious” meal that consisted of chili, olives, cheese cubes, a smoothie and a mini chocolate bar, which garnered 2.4 million likes.

Fans applauded the savvy gourmand, many chiming in with their love of Costco.

“Why does it look so good,” a viewer commented on one clip. “Clearly I’m going to the wrong Costco,” another joked.

Dhaliwal frequently posts videos of herself on TikTok eating Costco samples.
TikTok / @tasmindhaliwal

“Costco samples just hit different,” one noted. “Same. When I am at supermarket, I always eat free foods.”

Someone else penned: “Free food always taste good!” Another user added: “[Free samples are] the only reason I go to Costco.”

Hacks for scoring freebies are among the most popular videos on TikTok — and they’re not just about food, either. Recently, Craig Featherby, president of the Flight Attendants’ Association of New Zealand, revealed tricks of the trade for getting free things when flying.

Dhaliwal also loves to post other snaps of herself munching on a variety of dishes.
TikTok / @tasmindhaliwal

If a customer is celebrating a special occasion, then the in-flight crew could do something to make their flight more special, he confessed to Stuff.

“Just last week, I went to Brisbane and back and we had somebody celebrate 50 years, so we took two glasses of champagne from business (class) into economy,” he said.

Passengers can also score better treatment on planes if they help during a medical situation while up in the air.

Featherby also suggested bribing your in-flight staff if you want nicer accommodations. However, while many airlines can’t accept cash or big gifts, Featherby said that clients can bring their flight attendants small “gestures of kindness” like chocolate.

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