I invented a machine for perfectly buttered toast — people say it’s genius

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Time to toast another clever kitchen hack!

Finding himself “bored” one day, Joan Manuel Hidalgo devised a hands-free, but margarinally complex machine that toasts and butters bread, Jam Press reports.

In the ultimate fete of lazy genius, the Argentina-based creator recently showcased his toast conveyor belt on TikTok, breaking 1.5 million views and rising!

Viewers watch as a slice of bread travels through the kitchen assembly line, coming out “perfectly toasted.”

The amazing churn of events continues as the slice is drizzled in butter to create the perfect ratio of crunch to flavor. The mechanism Hidalgo uses appears to be a glass with holes poked in it, which allows the butter to spread evenly in liquid droplets.

Perfect toast
How dairy! In search of the perfect toast, the TikToker deconstructed his toaster.
Jam Press Vid/@thehacklifeyt

The inventor of toaster
Carb your enthusiasm: Hidalgo was “bored” one day and decided to master the art of the perfect slice.
Jam Press/@thehacklifeyt

Electrified followers were wowed by Hidalgo’s against-the-grain invention — while others were quick to roast the creator.

“That unemployed friend on a Tuesday at 3:15 a.m.,” cracked one user.

“5 toasts from 8 to 10 business days,” another quipped.

“Until the toast came out I drank 3 teas,” a salty TikToker wrote, lamenting the process takes e-churn-ity.

“Reminded me of Dr. Brown from Back to the Future,” announced one person.

“Reminds me of the episode of Mr. Bean,” declared another.

“It’s the most useful thing I’ve ever seen,” melted someone else.

“What a genius!!!” another crumbled.

Some soured on the invention, dubbing the so-called “genius” hack “the height of laziness.”

“The increasingly lazy humans,” one snarky user sighed.

“Life is simpler, you already had the toaster, you just need it and the butter,” reasoned another.

On a roll: Some users said the hack was “genius,” while others called it “lazy.”
Jam Press Vid/@thehacklifeyt

Buttered toast
Hidalgo used a heating device to melt the butter, which then drizzled atop the piece of golden bread.
Jam Press Vid/@thehacklifeyt

Hidalgo’s invention lands among other bizarre TikTok hacks, including stretching out snug denim in the shower and using a hand mixer to remove pumpkin guts.

And don’t forget about butter boards, which went widespread on the platform last year!

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