I loved my waterfall vacation — until my bikini blew off on video

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She went chasing waterfalls — and they came for her bikini.

Katie Waltham was vacationing in Jamaica when she decided to film a video of herself frolicking in Dunn’s River Falls.

What she wasn’t expecting was the wild, cascading fall to completely blow her black-and-white bikini bottom away.

In the 23-second clip, Waltham wades into the white wash before whipping around a few seconds later, looking shocked.

“When you lose your bikini bottoms in one of the waterfalls at Dunns River,” the 27-year-old captioned the peek, which has been peeped 12,800 times since it was re-posted to TikTok this month.

Waltham's bikini bottom fell off - much to her surprise.
Waltham’s bikini bottom fell off while visiting a park in Jamaica.
Tiktok / katiewaltham

Some TikTokers asked a few fall-ow-up questions in the Case of the Missing Bottoms.

“What did you do?” one user wondered. “I’m afraid of that, I’m going next week.”

“Just wear a one piece,” another suggested.

Bikini mishaps can happen on land too. A TikToker recently shared her own swimwear fail after ordering a Skims bikini, only to find the suit barely had more surface area than a Trader Joe’s tortilla chip.

As for rear-wardrobe setbacks, one woman learned the importance of lining after she realized her new dress was completely see-through and showing off her derrière — while she was out to dinner.

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