I made an entire outfit out of tote bags — people call my hack ‘genius’

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It’s tote-ally genius.

TikTok creator and model Madeleine White has a knack for turning household items into clothing — and she recently went viral for making a head-to-toe “Safari Barbie” outfit out of two identical tote bags.

The minute-long video, which has bagged 1.6 million views since it was posted last week, shows White demonstrating how she recycled the reusable sacks for a trendy top and skirt set.

To create the look, White took two tie-dye tote bags from Alo Yoga and cut off the handles. She slipped into one handle-less bag and fashioned some pleats in the front, pinning it to herself using safety pins. She topped it off by using the handles as a belt.

White took just two tote bags to create a full head-to-toe look.
White created a head-to-toe look with just two tote bags.

For the top, she tied the other cut-up bag like a scarf and used another handle as a belt once again. She completed the ensemble with a pair of beige, knee-high boots and a matching neutral-colored crossbody bag.

“I thought this would be disastrous because I came in without a plan, and I plan everything, but dare I say it went even better!” White exclaimed at the end of the video.

The Post reached out to White for comment.

This isn’t the first time White has transformed an everyday object. In past videos, White has taken things like tights and pillowcases and shaped them into works of art.

In the comments section of her totes video, viewers were left stunned by her Operation-esque clothing surgery.

“I’m sorry but you’re an absolute genius!!! Girllll!!!!!” one user fawned.

Another agreed, writing, “I can’t even get a decent outfit to wear let alone make one 😭.”

“I am BEYOND IMPRESSED!” someone else raved. “That came out so good!”

One person even compared it to a look from fashion designer Isabel Marant, noting, “Omg. It’s giving serious Isabel Marant.”

In the end, White made a scarf-style top and a skirt out of the two tote bags.
In the end, White made a scarf-style top and a skirt out of the two tote bags.

This is not her first time using household items to create fashion looks--in the past, she's even gone so far as styling trash bags.
This is not her first time using household items to create fashion looks. In the past, she’s even styled trash bags.

Others had requests for her to-do list.

“Please style a curtain,” one viewer pleaded.

Another suggested: “I dare u use tin foil.”

In another video, White even styled two small trash bags, which she cut into a tank top — complete with a laced-up back made with her scraps. For the bottoms, she creatively snipped the other bag into a wrap-style skirt.

She completed the outfit with a black blazer and a beret dotted with red hearts.

The model and TikTok star has also styled tights in past videos.
The model and TikTok star has also styled tights.

“I think I styled a trash bag!” White gleefully proclaimed at the end of the 53-second clip.

White may have even inspired an entire movement. Earlier this month, TikTokers were turning their thongs into crop tops, dividing the internet.

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