I surprised my man with a positive pregnancy test — but haters called the reveal ‘gross’

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That is so sick.

TikTok creator Taylor Watson shared a now-viral clip of a woman surprising her man with news of her pregnancy — but some viewers didn’t appreciate the gag.

In the 15-second video, the woman stands over the man with a positive Clearblue pregnancy test and asks if she can take his temperature.

She sticks the pee stick, which resembles a thermometer, under his tongue — and he lets it marinate.

“OK, what does it say?” she asks as he pulls it out.

“You’re pregnant!” he excitedly declares, sitting up in his armchair.

Woman surprises her man with pregnant news – but the internet is grossed out
The woman in the clip gives her man a positive pregnancy test to put in his mouth to “check his temperature.”

“Sweetest pregnancy reveal!” Watson captioned the clip. But many commenters deemed the surprise sickening, not sweet.

“She pissed on it though…” several people stated the seemingly obvious.

“I know the hell you didn’t put that pee stick in that man’s mouth,” another stunned viewer wrote.

“Ohhhhh noooooo! Gross! I’m always grossed out how many people handle the sticks in these reveals,” another shuddered.

Other viewers claimed the potty humor was all in good fun.

“Omg it’s a fake test people!” one commenter declared.

Woman surprises her man with pregnant news – but the internet is grossed out
Some viewers automatically deemed the announcement a prank.

“I think she just drew the plus on with a pen and peed on a different test,” a user guessed.

“No, she put water on that thing and marked it +,” another theorized.

Pregnancy TikTok has really been delivering as of late. Many moms are sharing photos and videos of their “pregnancy nose,” while others have revealed their labor drama.

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