I was dress-coded at Disneyland but not for the reason you might think

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This must be the happiest place to get dress-coded on Earth.

While some Disneyland visitors have caused a stir over their skimpy outfits or apparently “risque” couture, a Disney enthusiast has shared her outrage after being dress coded for her outfit — claiming it was over the detail in her headpiece.

TikTok user Alexa posted a clip of her dressed up as her favorite Marvel character, Secret Witch Wanda Maximoff, to visit the park. In it, she showed off her black skinny jeans, a crop top, red gloves, red Doc Marten boots and the finishing touch — Wanda’s unique headpiece — for her 51,400 followers.

However, the 24-year-old claims Disneyland staff requested she alter the outfit, saying it resembled a costume rather than an outfit, which is against the park’s policy.

“I had to make some changes,” she wrote on the video, which has been viewed 1.1 million times since it was posted in October 2021.

She then showed off her “altered” outfit, with a tiny change: she’d taken the headpiece off.

Alexa was dress coded for wearing the Wanda-inspired outfit.
Alexa reportedly had to “alter” what she was wearing at the park.
TikTok / namelessalexa
Alexa took the head piece off which apparently solved the issue.
Alexa took the headpiece off, which apparently solved the issue.
TikTok / namelessalexa

According to Disneyland’s frequently asked questions, guests over 14 years of age are prohibited from wearing costumes.

However, Alexa said other employees reportedly told her she could keep wearing the head accessory, writing in a comment: “I told another worker what the one before said and he said ‘that’s BS I’ve seen many ppl wearing that headpiece’ so I was chillin.”

Some users struggled to follow why she’d been dress coded by the staff, with many believing the crop top would have been to blame.

“Why did I think someone dress coded you at Disneyland for showing midriff,” laughed one.

“They wanna save the magic but not letting adults wear harmless costumes, ruins the magic for them too it’s not all about the kids,” one Disney fan wrote.

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