I’m a sales assistant who figured out how men cheat on their wives at Christmas

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There’s no better feeling than getting all your Christmas shopping done in one trip — especially if you’re an inscentsitive cad.

TikTok user Shannon Hill usually posts videos about celebrity news, but she recently revealed a piece of information about male shopping habits she said she learned working the Chanel counter throughout college.

“I have got a little story, a little tea for you guys, if you will, about what husbands buy for not only their wife, but their mistresses too,” she started her recent “story time.”

“I was only 19 at the time, but I learned this quick,” Hill said between bites of a salad.

She alleged that men would come in to buy their wife’s favorite Chanel product because the store “had it all on file.”

Shannon Hill on TikTok shares stories of married men shopping for their mistresses.
TikTok user Shannon Hill claimed she always knew when a Chanel customer was cheating on his wife.
Shannon Hill on TikTok
Shannon Hill took a break from her regularly scheduled celeb gossip TikToks to share holiday stories she claims came from her time as a Chanel store employee.

But some Romeos would “buy their wife her favorite fragrance. They’d get it all wrapped really nicely — and then they would buy the same fragrance for their mistress,” Hill claimed.

“Because guess what? They did not want to leave their mistress’ house smelling like a different woman.”

She also reported that the cheating men she encountered opted for the same fragrance.

“It was Coco Mademoiselle perfume,” she sniffed. “It was never No. 5 because people would come in and buy that for their mom. It was never the Chance perfumes. It was always Coco Mademoiselle.”

“Us counter girls, we always have the tea,” she ended the minute-long video.

Many commenters from other retail establishments, notably jewelry stores and Victoria’s Secret, could sadly relate.

“I worked in high end jewelry for years. Husbands did the same thing. It was always funny to see the mistress come in after Christmas and exchange it,” one user enlightened.

“I used to work in fine jewelry and had husbands buying their mistresses the same pieces too!” another illuminated.

"Coco Mademoiselle" Chanel perfume.
Hill alleged that married men would always reach for Coco Mademoiselle for their wives — and mistresses — at the holidays.
picture alliance via Getty Image
Shannon Hill on TikTok shares stories of married men shopping for their mistresses.
“It’s tea time ladies,” Hill captioned her viral TikTok.

“Us bartenders too,” another added. “Sunday brunch with the wife and kids, lunch breaks and cocktail hour with the mistress.”

“My grandad had a mistress, and he would buy them both the same thing,” one user detailed. “He messed up by getting a custom paint color for the cars, and my gma went up to the lady and that’s how she found out.”

One user even commended Hill for not spilling the beans to the wives about their husband’s female friends, insisting she wouldn’t be able to “hold back.”

“Girlllll it was hard,” Hill replied. “I knew some of these wives pretty well after years. So many times I too wanted to ‘slip up.’”

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