Jay Leno under fire for ‘terrible’ Jeremy Renner snowplow joke

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Jay Leno is facing criticism after he made a joke about his recent motorcycle crash and Jeremy Renner’s horrific snowplow accident.

“I was riding my motorcycle up in Lake Tahoe and I came around the corner and bam, I crashed into Jeremy Renner’s snowplow,” Leno tweeted on Friday.

While still recovering from a terrifying burn accident several months ago, Leno broke multiple bones in a freak motorcycle accident Jan. 17.

The 72-year-old comedian revealed that his most recent crash left him with a broken collarbone, two broken ribs and two cracked kneecaps.

Leno’s wipeout happened just weeks after Renner was in a nearly deadly snowplow accident that left him with over 30 broken bones.

The 52-year-old actor was reportedly trying to save his nephew from getting run over by the snowplow and still has a “long road to recovery.”

Leno is known for joking about pop culture and current events, but not everyone laughed at his latest tweet.

Jay Leno and an injured Jeremy Renner
Comedian Jay Leno is facing backlash after joking about his and Jeremy Renner’s (inset) recent accidents on Twitter.

Jeremy Renner in the hospital
Renner was rushed to the hospital on New Year’s Day after saving his nephew from a malfunctioning snowplow.

“How is that funny,” Brooke Hammerling asked.

“Not funny. Renner broke 30 bones in the process of saving his nephew’s life. Respect to the guy. Pure guts,” John Dawson replied.

“Stay retired. That’s a terrible “joke”. Maybe your humor went up in smoke?” Bill Hynes commented.

But many others rushed to his defense, hailing the longtime comedian for never skipping a beat.

“Please school the veteran comedian who just had a serious accident, but can joke about his incident on what’s funny,” RobbySpotlight said, defending the jokester.

“You are the funniest! Be careful,” Tammy Pescatelli commented.

“We need your comedy Jay!” Patrick Weaver said.

Jay Leno shows off his injuries as fills up a classic car at a gas station in Burbank, Ca around the corner from his famous garage where he suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his face and hands
Leno is currently recovering from severe burns and several broken and cracked bones.
London Entertainment for NY Post

The Post did not receive an immediate response from Leno or Renner regarding the joke, but it’s not the first time the famous comedian has poked fun at his own injuries.

Leno mentioned the incident during a stand-up set at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California, shortly after his fiery fiasco.

“I never thought of myself as a roast comic,” the former talk show host quipped. “We have two shows tonight: regular and extra crispy.”

The comedian also joked he has “a brand-new face” after being badly injured in the fire, saying, “It’s better than what was there before.”

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