Life coach slams ex-lovers who stay ‘friends’: ‘You are lying’

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He’s ex-tremely opposed.

Motivational writer and podcaster Ace Metaphor declared that an ex-lover cannot be considered a “friend” — that would be an insult to your current partner.

“You are motherf—ing lying,” he told his 1 million followers on TikTok.

In a clip posted Monday, now with more than 51,000 views, Metaphor explained that your former fling is not your “friend,” because the relationship goes deeper than that — they “done seen you naked” and “done had sex with you.”

“He done known you inside and outside, and you gonna dismiss all that history by saying that’s my friend?” Metaphor asked. “No, that’s your motherf—ing ex. So that’s why I don’t agree with calling exes friends.”

Metaphor then went on to say that you should refer to your ex as anything but a friend, including “ex-blessing,” “ex-dick” and “ex-communication,” he quipped, because old partners should also be left in the past.

TikTok user Ace Metaphor says that you're "lying" if you introduce your ex-partner as your "friend."
TikTok user Ace Metaphor says that you’re “lying” if you introduce your ex-partner as your “friend.”

“You bringing these exes into new relationships, that ain’t fair for your future spouse to have to deal with,” Metaphor said. “It’s reasonable for me to expect when you came in my life, you let go of this baggage, and you willingly being friends with baggage?”

Metaphor might be suspicious for good reason, as research shows that nearly 40 to 50% of people have gotten back to together with their exes to try the relationship again, according to Psychology Today.

However, not all viewers of his terse TikTok seemed to agree with his harsh relationship philosophy.

“If y’all broke up toxic I agree but if it just y’all better as friends I see nothing wrong especially when y’all not physically attractive to each other,” read one comment below the video.

Another chimed in, “Not all exes are out for the destruction of you. Not all exes are baggage.”

One suggested Metaphor’s abrupt advice reveals more about him than it does his detractors. “Why are you assuming my present commitment is weaker than a past relationship,” they pointed out. “I am a woman of my word.. If I’m not… that’s a different issue.”

Meanwhile, his fan’s were happy to ditch their old dates.

“Exactly!” one echoed. “My exes are dead to me. They are my past my man now is my future.” Warned another, “Period! My ex cheated on me with her ‘friend’ who was her ex.”

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