5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers

5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Now that fall has officially begun, Christmas is waiting for us just around the corner. If it’s a tradition in your office to participate in a secret Santa every year, now is the time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your co-worker. It’s also a great time to start shopping for gifts to get ahead of the holiday rush. The best way to pick a gift before knowing which co-worker you end up shopping for is to choose unisex gifts. If you need some ideas, here are a few that would be a hit and can be enjoyed at the office. 


Lizard Tail’s rope belt is a really neat concept to upgrade the regular ol’ belt. These rope belts are designed with the right fit in mind no matter the body type. They can adjust to your waist so that they don’t dig in and give you a muffin top. The knotless buckle is fastened by pulling the tail of the belt through your final loop so you don’t have this big chunky metal buckle pinching into your skin. If you’re working at a desk, you know how uncomfortable wearing the wrong belt can be while sitting. This belt will be perfect for your co-worker if they do a lot of sitting down for long periods. 

Picture frames

Now more than ever we are living in the era of pictures. A set of picture frames are a great gift for your coworker to frame their favorite pictures at their desk or at home. The great thing about this type of gift is that new frames are always needed. However, try to stick to a classic frame such as silver-plated, black, gold, and even white. Frames with crazy designs can be a miss more than a hit if it’s not your co-worker’s style. By sticking to the popular monotone colors you’re playing it safe.

Aromatherapy diffuser

If you work in a high-stress environment, an aromatherapy diffuser is a great gift for the office or the home. Add a bottle of eucalyptus essential oils so that they can start to relax as soon as they open your gift. Whether it’s at their desk, next to their bath at home, or next to their bed, there’s no greater feeling than taking a moment to breathe in some relaxing scents to give your mind a break.

Planter kit

Another growing trend this year is to give plants. It seems like everyone wants to become a plant mom or a plant dad, which we love to see. An easy plant such as a succulent or herb is a great choice to give since they don’t require much of a green thumb and are very forgiving. Another reason this makes a great gift is that they have the choice of placing their plant at their office desk or at home. All in all, a perfect present to appreciate your employees.

Tea gift basket

While not everyone drinks coffee, most of us enjoy a good cup of tea. Having a variety of tea is even better. Online stores such as Knack allow you to customize your gift basket with a variety of teas, such as loof leaf tea and sachets, along with honey sticks, mugs, and even shortbread. From small to large, you can make this gift basket as small or as large as you’d like. This is another wonderful gift to enjoy at the office especially on cold or rainy days. 

Whether at home or in the office, these gifts are sure to be put to good use. 

Vernon Alford
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