My lips exploded after I had too much filler injected

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A woman is filling people in on her cosmetic procedure gone wrong.

A Swedish woman has revealed that her lips exploded after she had 11 mL of filler injected into them while in pursuit of the perfect pout.

Stefani Gaetan was forced to get stitches following the filler fail and now sports a scar on her face due to the incident.

Gaeten shared a video to TikTok on Sunday showing how she became hooked on the injectables, with the clip quickly clocking up more than 184,000 views.

“Watch me get addicted to lip fillers,” the content creator wrote in the clip, which featured a series of selfies that showed her lips getting bigger and bigger.

The video began with a snap of the Swede taken before she began her cosmetic journey, with the image highlighting how she already had relatively large lips without any enhancement.

However, Gaeten decided she wanted an even plumper pout, and initially had 1 mL of filler put into her lips.

Not satisfied with the results, she returned for further filler, quickly becoming obsessed and eventually ending up with a whopping 11 mL.

But the beauty’s lips couldn’t handle the huge amount of filler and soon split open. She was forced to have stitches to piece her pout back together.

Now, Gaeten has been left with a small scar above her mouth and has sworn off filler forever.

Several women took to the comments section to warn others not to have more than 5 mL of filler put into their lips if they were ever considering getting the injectables.

“Anyone trained to do lip filler should never let anyone go past 5 mL. Hope you heal well babe x,” one wrote.

“OMG. Why would they even let u go past 5 ml?” another stunned TikTok user asked.

The beauty's lips split open and she was forced to have stitches to keep put her pout back together.
The beauty’s lips split open and she was forced to have stitches to keep put her pout back together.
TikTok / @stefanigaetani

Gaeten responded, hitting out the person who performed the procedure, saying put profits over her health and safety.

“Everything is for money,” she bluntly wrote.

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