New trend wearing thongs as shirts divides internet

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Why buy a new top when you can just wear your skivvies as a shirt?

An online fashion influencer known for her unconventional outfits has popularized an unorthodox new trend that involves styling two thongs as a crop top.

Joslyn, also known as @sieling.j on TikTok, showed off three ways to wear panties as a shirt in a video, which has been viewed nearly 10 million times.

“Wearing underwear as shirt ’cause I can,” the fashionista wrote.

In the 20-second clip, Joslyn breaks down how different underwear styles can be used, ranging from skimpy skivvies to bloomers. First, she demonstrates the creative hack by taking two different colored Calvin Klein thongs and crossing them over each other to make a bralette. Then, she uses cheeky shorts and granny panties to show off the garments’ versatility.

Her viral video has now influenced others to give the trend a try.

Aurea Andrades, also known as @aureareadykids on TikTok, styled her version of an underwear top with silk pants, a leather skirt and a colored jacket.

underwear as a top tiktok trend
TikTok influencer Joslyn shares a new fashion hack involving underwear.

Joslyn underwear tops
Joslyn shows viewers how to combine thongs into a cute top.
Joslyn showing viewers how to make underwear into a shirt
Different underwear styles can be used as a top.
Joslyn showing viewers how to make underwear into a shirt
She uses her shoestring with the bottoms to create the desired look she’s going for.

Even fuller-busted women got in on the trend. TikToker @emopeppapiggg showed that using panties as a top can be done on all body types in a duet video with Joslyn.

“Watch this girl prove my hack works on big boobs,” Joslyn wrote, “since everyone assumes this is only for little bitties.”

While Joslyn’s video has recently gone viral, TikTok influencer Sophie Wood, whose handle is @goodwoodx, may have started the trend when she tried out underwear as a shirt back in 2020.

Commenters were mixed on the new trend, with some thrown off by the idea of using undergarments as a top and others calling it “genius.”

“I mean if they clean and you haven’t worn them I don’t see a problem with it,” another chimed in, while someone else called it “lowkey cute.”

“Ok but why do they actually look decent,” added another commenter.

Underwear brand Hanes even jumped in to comment, “This is so cute and creative!”

Others were less forgiving about the idea of panty-tops, with some calling it “gross.” One person commented, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should…”

“There’s literal shirts like that just buy them,” someone else said. Added a third: “It’s cute until someone asks, ‘Where did you get your top from?’”

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