Is Dyson the Best and Brightest?

Is Dyson the Best and Brightest?

Now, calling a company the best at something is hubris. Vacuums are after all a calculated risk purchase. You purchase one and either it works well for you and serve you for years or it can break down or act all haywire on you and you pay for that risk anyway. 

Newer shark stick vacuums have different Duo Clean technology heads that work both on fluffy and wooden flooring. Tineco stick vacuums are digital based combined with WiFi user units. Bissel, Hoover, and other brands you can find at a Kroger or Walmart store near you have excellent vacuums at better prices. 

However, I like to think of attending a Dyson sale as the best not because their vacuums never break down. Instead, I like to see them as the best because they have a long and proud history of always evolving and innovating being the leader in the market, making cleaning just so much better.  

Speaking of cleaning better, let’s talk about a vacuum that’s been getting some buzz…the V15 Detect! It’s Dyson’s newest cable-free vacuum and I looked and played with it. Here’s what I found to back up those raving reviews.

Let’s have a look at what will be at the next Dyson event!

This may as well be the best cable-free vacuum Dyson has made to date! The professional testers ran the V15 Detect through a range of surfaces. Not only is it designed to clean anywhere from stairs to your own vehicle if you so choose, it’s also a great vacuum for pets. You see, the V15 Detect comes with some tools to create a tangle-free hair existence! 

It’s also got a battery that you can click on the vacuum which make your vacuum work longer. So, you run less to the recharging station if you decide to buy and extra battery for more boost energy. Lastly, it doesn’t hurt that there happens to be a laser light in the cleaner head so you can see what you’re missing. 

I don’t want to leave you without a tip or two so I’m going to. I’m sure these aren’t any tips that you wouldn’t learn if you called the customer service people over at Dyson, but I digress. I’m saying it because I know, and I feel like it wouldn’t hurt to share. 

Keep in mind that this is a maintenance tip of sorts 

After all, if you don’t take care of your Dyson, then it’s unlikely to take care of you. Let’s begin on the general knowledge of when and how to empty a Dyson when you’re done cleaning. It wouldn’t hurt having some knowledge under your belt should you decide to check out the closest Dyson sale.

All Dyson vacuums don’t have vacuum filter bags so you will not have to swap out a dirty bag for a clean one or even buy those filter bags in the first place. However, you should empty the dust container when the dirt inside reaches the max line. 

As for the emptying part is a bit different. It all depends on what type of vacuum you purchase from Dyson. Each Dyson does have a reference book with instructions but here is some general rule of thumb of the difference between cable vacuums and cable-free vacuums. 

If you have a cable model, you normally touch the catch atop of the handle used to carry in order to remove the dust compartment and then press the catch again to release the dust from the bottom of the container. 

If you have a cable-free model, you press the red wand release button and pull the wand away from the dust compartment and then firmly press the red dust compartment release button to release the dirt. Remember to have something to catch the dust like a trash bin or the benefits of an industrious afternoon could be undone, so you want to do this with extra care.

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