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Need some space?

Sometimes that isn’t an option, when faced with a small studio apartment in the city, a room with less than ideal cabinetry or really any situation where stuff outnumbers spaces to store it all.

When you can’t create more space, the solution may be a better organization system, in the form of storage. Be it bins that stack, hangers that collapse or bags that vacuum down to almost nothing, there is a storage solution for you.

The time to clean up and clean out clutter is right now, as before you know it, spring cleaning season will be here and we personally want a head start.

To make it even easier to get going before the spring, we found all of the options below on Amazon, most of which qualify for speedy Prime shipping to get you Marie Kondo-ing in no time. Read on for the best storage solutions for small spaces, all on Amazon for the kitchen, bathroom, closets and more.

A set of two under-bed storage containers

Even the smallest of spaces has some room under the bed. Take advantage of that hidden real estate with these under-bed storage bags, which are designed to hold shoes but can be used for really anything.

A set of two white stacked drawers

Another multi-purpose item, these drawers can be used in any room in the house, from the kitchen to organize spices and condiments to the bathroom for beauty products, toilet paper and more. Plus, with over 30,000 reviews, we think you’ll love them.

A space saving bag package

Suck it up. We mean any extra air taking up room in your storage bins, especially when packing up bedding, sweaters and other bulky items. These vacuum bags come with a hand pump, too, so no need for a special vacuum device to take up even more room.

A stack of three gray clothing storage cubes

This Amazon Choice product has more than 56,000 reviews for good reason. They come in a three-pack or a six-pack on the site and can hold 90L of your clothes or other items, saving space in a limited closet or dresser drawer.

A set of three white shelves on wheels

Save space and stay organized with this skinny cart designed to roll in and out of most any place in your home. The cart has three shelves that are high enough for cereal boxes, hair spray and other larger, bulky items, making it a great bet for a small kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Plus, the Amazon Choice product has over 24,000 reviews and counting.

A black shelf with oil, paper towels and more

Save space in your kitchen while simultaneously making your fridge even more aesthetically pleasing. This storage rack is magnetic, snapping onto your fridge or freezer with ease. It also comes with wall mounting hardware, should you choose to upgrade a cabinet or door instead.

A set of six black hangers that stack in the closet

Five is better than one when it comes to hangers. Save space in any closet or clothing rack with these space saving hangers that have five slots for hangers. Stock them up and then unhook one side, making them lay flat in your closet and making room for even more clothes.

A bathroom with a white shelving unit over the toilet

Decorate the throne room while also creating precious space. This over-the-toilet shelving unit looks super classy, while adding shelves and a cabinet to your bathroom. The cabinet doors can be added to any of the shelves, too, making for a customized storage option.

A gray hanging storage unit

So long as your space has doors, this can help create more storage. The hanging organizer easily hangs over the door with renter-safe hooks and is perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, bathrooms and more. It also comes in an array of colors to match any space, allowing you to hang it on the outside of the door, too.

A wooden three-shelf corner organizer

Don’t let the corners of your space go to waste, when they can provide precious storage areas. This three-tiered shelf is a great way to transform your counters into a great display, for coffee and tea in the kitchen or beauty products in the bathroom.

A stove shelf

Save space and make your kitchen tidy and organized, using space you already have above your stove. The StoveShelf simply attaches magnetically to your stove, providing a place for spices, oils, utensils and more.

A water bottle holder

We all know that one cabinet in the house, overrun with bottles and lids galore. Keep it all organized with this bamboo organization system, that also comes with labels to keep the family hydrated and organized.

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