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You know what they say: Build-A-Bear, where best friends are made.

Well, make your best friend just in time for Valentine’s Day with the brand’s newly minted Valentine’s Day collection, an online hub featuring the cutest plush teddy bears, jumbo stuffed animals and more.

We know what you’re thinking: Build-A-Bear is only a kids’ brand. Sure, the brand is well-equipped for one-year-olds and elementary school kids of all ages, but the brand also has a more adult and risqué collection, After Dark, that features bears flaunting margaritas and Playboy-inspired bears in suggestive poses, but don’t be fooled; this collection has some elevated, on-trend bears that are perfect for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

That said, we pulled together a master edit of the 15 best Build-A-Bears to order online. Rest assured you’ll have one of the most sentimental and lovable gifts to offer the one you love this year.

Lil' Cub Pudding Love Bug Gift Set

Paw-fectly adorable, the Lil’ Cub Pudding Love Bug Gift Set is just shy of $20 and perfect for your Valentine. We love the heart-embossed headband and festive T-shirt, especially.

Timeless Teddy I Love You Gift Set

Consider this Build-A-Bear a modern-day Romeo. From its bouquet of flowers to snazzy outfit, this one is perfect to gift your partner, nice or best friend this Valentine’s Day.

Lovable Lion Bubbly Gift Set

Tapping into some Playboy inspiration, this After Dark Build-A-Bear is clad in the iconic satin, belted robe with a bottle of bubbly to romanticize this Valentine’s Day. Plus, the lion is just too cute to pass up.

Barkleigh Be Wine Gift Set

For the lover of cabernet or pinot noir, the Barkleigh Be Wine Gift Set is the perfect Valentine’s Day sentimental gift if you don’t want to spend more than $50 and has the most adorable T-shirt and wine props.

Pawlette Colorful Hearts PJ Gift Set

Want to gift your Valentine something cozy? The Pawlette Colorful Hearts PJ Gift Set is one of our favorite options, much ado to its bunny slippers to match with the bunny plush. Not to mention, it’s cuddling a teddy of its own, so you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Red Roses Bear Scented Gift Set

Don’t just gift a teddy bear — gift a scented teddy with the Red Roses Bear Scented Gift Set. Available in a multitude of colors, it’s sure to romance your S.O. in the best way possible.

Cuddly Brown Bear Satin Robe Gift Set

Make your partner swoon with the Cuddly Brown Bear Satin Robe Gift Set, one of Build-A-Bear’s After Dark collection items. Suggestive and sexy pose aside, we adore how humorous and sweet this snag is.

Happy Hugs Teddy Red Heart Gift Set

Really send the love memo home with the Happy Hugs Teddy Red Heart Gift Set. For less than $50, you can’t skip out on the oversized heart, bouquet of roses and festive heart-printed boxer shorts.

Wild Hearts Monkey Satin Heart PJs Gift Set

Build-A-Bear isn’t monkey-ing around with its Wild Hearts Monkey Satin Heart PJs Gift Set, undeniably one of the most festive options. With its snuggly charm and adorable face, what’s not to love?

Barkleigh Here for the Margs Gift Set

For the lover of margs, there’s nothing more perfect than the Barkleigh Here for the Margs Gift Set. which takes the cake for extreme cuteness this year. Plus, you can pair it with a margarita maker for the ultimate themed gift.

Pawlette Spa Rosé Gift Set

We want this. For the self-care aficionado in your life, order this. Enough said.

Pawlette Satin Heart PJs Gift Set

Much like the Wild Hearts Monkey, Pawlette is here to shine in the Satin Hearts PJs Gift Set. Clad with a love-printed eye mask and plush slippers, it’s one of the most heartfelt options for Valentine’s Day — literally.

Lovable Lion Valentine's Day Gift Set

The Lovable Lion is back with the Valentine’s Day Gift Set that’s perfect for the little boy or girl in your life (or, your partner — it’s an option for all ages). We love the tic-tac-toe T-shirt, especially.

Cocoa Cuddles Teddy I Like the Crêpe Out of You Gift Set

The Cocoa Cuddles Teddy has one of the punniest shirts (ha!) we’ve ever seen — I Like the Crêpe Out of You — and is snazzy with the jeans and Timberland-esque boots. For $40, this one is a steal.

Timeless Teddy Tuxedo T-Shirt Gift Set

With a timeless teddy charm, thanks to its classic texture, the Tuxedo T-Shirt Gift Set is a more formal bear that’s ready to be gifted to your Valentine. It’s just too cute.

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