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With the onslaught of skincare products on the market, it can be a Herculean effort just to find one that works for your skin.

Will this product help with anti-aging? Is it packed with hyaluronic acid for an extra skin boost? Is the product well-formulated and researched?

Luckily, Delavie Sciences fits the bill of what we could ask for in a product — specifically its Age Defying Serum. And, according to the brand’s website, it’s a product that “looks to the stars to provide a lasting, renewing answer to skin restoration.”

Uniquely, the brand does, in fact, look to the stars, as it’s the first biological cosmetic to be recognized as Space Certified Technology by the Space Foundation.

“Delavie Sciences was founded on the desire to improve people’s self-confidence, with an emphasis on the first thing the world sees about you: your skin,” Kyle Landry, PhD, president at Delavie Sciences, told the New York Post. “Our goal was nothing less than to disrupt the market and usher in a new age of skincare.”

Through years of research with industry leaders, the brand has developed truly cutting-edge products, featuring scientifically proven and patented ingredients to improve the efficiency and functionality of your skin. “We are not trying to hide or replace anyone’s skin,” he continues. “Your skin is yours. We want to help people feel confident and healthy.”

Now, that’s out of this world.

How is Delavie Sciences effectively orbiting around the skincare space? Well, its superstar ingredient (Bacillus Lyaste) is what’s backed by the Space Foundation. According to Delavie Sciences, it’s “a highly versatile ingredient that protects skin from the sun’s damaging rays by improving the efficacy of commonly used sunscreens.”

Delavie Sciences Age Defying Serum
Delavie Sciences

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Not only does the brand’s Age Defying Serum check off the sun-protection box but it, naturally, checks off the anti-aging box as well. The formulation has been clinically tested to help restore the skin’s brightness and radiance, while its restorative properties allow the serum to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

That said, it’s quite the cocktail.

What’s more, the Delavie Sciences Age Defying Serum helps target and improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness, which goes hand-in-hand with anti-aging benefits everyone yearns for.

If the formulation isn’t enough to sell you, then its expert-backed, thoughtful process will. The brand taps into top scientists, research institutions and top-tier universities to craft a product that’ll generate results over time.

Delavie Sciences’ co-founder, David Sinclair, is also a distinguished geneticist with an expertise in longevity, working with the brand to create a “cutting-edge and efficacious age defying skincare line,” according to the brand’s site.

Delavie Sciences
Delavie Sciences

Sure, you likely have your go-to skincare brand on your bathroom counter as you’re reading this (don’t we all), but it’s time to venture into space (literally) and try an acclaimed product that was started by a research pro, formulated with a keen eye to anti-aging in mind and — *drumroll please* — is backed by the Space Foundation.

“It’s hard to find brands in the beauty business that are pro-aging friendly. Few come to mind. Skin health is the most important. How your skin looks is a direct reflection of its health, and we want the largest organ to be taken care of as well. It’s not all about aesthetics.

Kyle Landry, PhD, president of Delavie Sciences

Speaking of the Space Foundation, the organization placed its stamp of approval on Delavie Sciences as it has been proven to significantly reduce UVA-induced ROS levels (reactive oxygen species). According to a 2019 study, an overproduction of ROS is “associated with the development of various human diseases (including cancer, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders), inflammation and aging.”

So, Delavie Sciences truly hit the nail on the head with its efficacy-first Age Defying Serum.

Lastly, the serum that you can order online was clinically proven to activate DNA repair enzymes and stimulate hyaluronic acid production, the latter helping to make the skin appear more hydrated and supple.

Delavie Sciences
Delavie Sciences

This alluring, all-in-one serum is New York Post Shopping-approved and surely a formulation you should try. Not to mention, with code NYP20, you’ll score 20% off.

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