A Guide For Fashion Vloggers In Upgrading A YouTube Banner Template

A Guide For Fashion Vloggers In Upgrading A YouTube Banner Template

YouTube is undeniably the number 1 video streaming destination on the web. Many of its users are celebrities, public figures, journalists, and even business moguls that either want to post videos or just post comments or insights. For you as a fashion vlogger, it’s quite hard not to notice about YouTube especially for those who were already using it in uploading their fashion or style videos.

However, as a fashion vlogger that’s just starting up or who has been around for some time now, you may be slightly confused with all the new features out there. One of which is the trend of uploading a better YouTube banner template to replace your actual channel layout so it can become more effective and efficient towards reaching your target market.

Here are some of the few ways that you can do to upgrade your YouTube banner template:

1. Makes Use Of Bold And Contrasting Colors

For this, making use of bright and vibrant color schemes is mostly more preferable since it will make your banner more eye-catching. This doesn’t also mean that you have to use all the possible colors that are visible because it may give a negative impression to your viewers.

Instead, try to choose the most important colors that should be present in your banner which will help you highlight your brand or style, the same way as what cover letters do. You can also make use of two contrasting colors but what’s essential here is to avoid using multiple hues.

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2. Utilize High-resolution Images

Images are powerful tools that are great in grabbing attention. However, not all people are fond of using it because of its capability to increase the overall file size. But if you want to take advantage of this, try to use high-quality and high-resolution images so you can be sure that they will have a better impact on your viewers.

3. A Perfect YouTube Banner Size Is Essential

For starters, try to make use of a square shape which is considered the best aspect ratio for banners. This will not only give you more space but it will also look proportional enough on your YouTube channel. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to fill up all the available spaces with images or text.

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4. Make Use Of Your YouTube Channel Description

One of the best features that are now available on YouTube is its built-in annotation tool for banners. What this annotation feature can do is help you highlight your most important features which are present in the description section of your channel page. This way, viewers can have a better understanding of you and at the same time, it will boost your SEO efforts since these annotations are indexed.

5. Have A Consistent YouTube Channel Banner Template

Since you already have your channel established, what’s important now is to have an effective way of reaching out to your target market. And for this matter, having a consistent layout will be helpful especially in creating your brand awareness.

6. Feature An Eye-catching Thumbnail To Your YouTube Banner Template

You must pick up or create a poster shot for each of your uploaded videos. You can visit any stock photo website and find free images tagged under Public Domain or Creative Commons license. Just make sure you follow the stipulated terms, don’t use it commercially, and finally give credits to the authors.

7. Create Your Background YouTube Banner Template With A Time Length Of 5 Seconds

This is important because you will not like people or your viewers watching for hours just by staring at an image. You must have good tunes to catch their attention along with the poster shots that will catch them up with what’s in for them to watch.

8. Replace With Aesthetic YouTube Banner Template Weekly Or Monthly

It would be better if you have a schedule for doing this so it will not cause any confusion. Also, people don’t like watching the same videos now and then. You aim to make your fashion vlogging business grow, not to bore people out. Make sure you update yourself by researching, watching tutorials, and whatnots just for this matter.

9. Get Rid Of The Blurry Free YouTube Banner Template

Although it’s free, it will be better without one or having a separate image somewhere else on the site. There’s no need to put it on your page because it will just create a negative effect on your business.

By the way, if you’re looking for a great template to use in your YouTube banner, check out Venngage!


Now that you’ve learned the basics of how to upgrade your YouTube banner template, it’s time for you to try out things on your own. Remember, always research first before getting started on something new so you’ll be good to go once changes are made. Keep in mind that being creative is one of the most important factors in fashion vlogging so don’t ever forget it.

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