Incredible Jiu-Jitsu Trends to Watch

Incredible Jiu-Jitsu Trends to Watch

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has significantly evolved over the past decades. Yet, its surging popularity has contributed to further changes that will affect its future. As you look for the best Jiu Jitsu gyms in San Diego near me, it would be best to prioritize facilities that have embraced modern techniques. The following details will help you understand the different emerging trends affecting the sport.

Leg Lock

Leg lock is a BJJ strategy whose surging popularity is thanks to its effectiveness. Initially, this method was not taught to beginners, as it is notorious. It can cause permanent damage to your opponent, meaning you can only consider it in extreme or rare cases. You must also understand how to use it and avoid unnecessary injuries.

Various approaches to leglocks suffice, including leg knots and leg triangles. These methods exert absolute control over your opponent. Yet, you must transition between these two attacks from time to time. Leglocks were banned in some BJJ competitions previously. Yet, today, most instructors want you to learn this approach for self-defense.

However, there have been drastic changes in leglock regulations. The goal is to enhance safety among the players.

Quintet Tournaments

Jiu-jitsu competitions are worth embracing. Various tournaments have come up in the past few years, allowing competitors to showcase their skills and win medals. Notably, the quintet style has emerged as one of the best options in this game. This team-based tournament starts with five grapplers, where the winner stays on the mat to fight the next opponent.

The idea of this tournament style is that the last grappler wins the match. A fighter from each team will face one from the opposing team. Team selection is not pillared on weight in this case. Instead, skills will take center stage. The elimination process used in quintet tournaments makes them significantly entertaining and popular.

Pressure Passing

Pressure passing is a BJJ strategy that allows you to stay low while putting your opponent’s legs in a dangerous position. Once you achieve this lock, you’ll need to spike your body weight to your upper body or diaphragm, depending on personal preferences. This step allows you to walk past their guard, ensuring you have more control to finalize the fight.

Pressure passing is a technical approach to guarantee the easy passing of your opponent’s guard. Yet, you must rely on precise pressure to achieve the best results in the long run. You’ll love this approach for its versatility, energy conservation, and flexibility. It guarantees unmatched satisfaction and effects when used appropriately.

Knee Shield

Most people have embraced the knee shield mechanism to handle their opponents. This method aims at preventing your opponent from moving by placing your knee in front of your upper body, including the chest and shoulder. Besides demobilizing your opponent, this approach offers enhanced versatility and flexibility. Its effectiveness guarantees unrivaled results in the long run.

As you look forward to improving your BJJ skills, the trends above are worth considering. An excellent instructor will guide you, ensuring you reap the best in the long run.

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