This Dog Wellness Test Kit is $30 off for a limited time

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Many dog owners would do anything for their four-legged friend. After all, 71% of owners say their dogs make them happier people. Besides spoiling their pets with privileges like sleeping in their owner’s bed and including them in yearly holiday cards, they want to give them the best health care possible.

Regular visits to their veterinarian are crucial, but there are other things you can do between visits to keep your dog healthy. Use checkpup’s wellness test to analyze 20 areas of your dog’s health for just $119.99 (reg. $149) with this best on web pricing.

Collect a small hair sample from your pup and send it to Checkpup with the provided prepaid mailer. You will receive a detailed report in as little as three weeks that shows a three month rundown of your pet’s health. The kit tests for 20 different areas like diet, blood sugar handling, thyroid performance, energy levels, adrenal stress, toxic metals check, and more.

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Follow-up tests are recommended about every three to four months to help track trends over time and see if any changes made to their lifestyle have been working. These regular tests can give you more peace of mind about your dog’s health between vet visits.

One dog owner writes that Checkpup, “Gave me exactly what I needed to address my dog’s chronic weight issues. Using the information we’ve received from our Checkpup test our husky has reached a healthy weight, has more energy, and is an all around happier pup!”

The Checkpup wellness test certainly does not replace trips to the vet, but it is developed by vets to give you a more active role in your dog’s health. Between vet visits with traditional blood and urine tests, this test may help catch trends about your furry friend before they sprout into bigger issues.

Help keep your pup healthy with Checkpup’s Dog Wellness Test Kit for just $119.99 (reg. $149).

Prices subject to change.

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