This Speedy Mag Wireless iPhone charger is over 60% off

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Millions of iPhone users have come to rely on the device’s many uses as part of their daily approach, from communication tools and entertainment options to time-saving apps and health monitoring. Each of these resources requires a common need: a charge. And we’re offering a way to ensure you’re never caught without one.

For a limited time, you can purchase this wireless charger for your iPhone for only $39.99 (reg. $120). Stylish and sleek with a black finish, this charger quickly produces power to keep you moving forward.

Able to charge the iPhone 8 and newer models, this product provides a modern solution, and its built-in magnet function is compatible with models beginning with the iPhone 12 and beyond. Thus, it’s a versatile accessory for households that feature a variety of iPhones.

Equipped with built-in protectants against overcharging and overheating, this charger frees you from being restricted to stationary outlets. Optimized for Apple devices, it gives you the power you need without slowing down, allowing you to maximize commutes or roam freely without concern.

Black phone charger.

Even better, this charger can be utilized for all Qi-enabled wireless devices, including Androids.

Eliminate the need for tangled messes or bulky cords that take up space. This charging setup is a smart addition to any travel bag, and it gives you a Plan B for charging options no matter where the day takes you. An LED light indicates charging progress.

This charger carries a rating of 4.5 out of five on our store, featuring a five-star review from verified buyer Janet Travis that reads, “Love that I no longer have to worry about being out and about and my phone battery dying. I pop on this charger and it keeps my phone charged”.

Avoid future frustrations by purchasing the Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for your iPhone with nearly 70% savings, dropping the price to only $39.99 (reg. $119).

Prices subject to change.

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