TikTokers are dressing parents in Gen Z fashions— and they ‘slayed’

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Like daughter, like mother.

The young women of TikTok are dressing their moms in the freshest ‘fits straight out of their unseasoned closets — proving they’ve still got it, and they’re flaunting it.

The “turning my mom into me” trend is flooding everyone’s feeds with fashionable parents. Per the viral trope, clips begin by showing the moms’ own wardrobe, then parading in their daughter’s clothes, all set to tune of “I Wish” by Skee-Lo.

Viewers are championing the transformed moms, calling them “cool af.”

“From Mom to MOMMY!!!” celebrated one viewer in the comments.

One mother-daughter duo amassed over 36 million views on their clip, posted by TikToker Nadine Bloch (@nadinebloch). After raiding her daughter’s closet, Bloch’s mom donned an all-black ensemble, complete with a Dior belt, sleek shades and knee-high, white fur boots.

“I’m starting to understand yung gravy,” one user quipped in the comments, referencing the rapper who is said to prefer older women.

“SLAYED,” another simply put it.

“I’m not scared of aging anymore,” commented someone else.

The hot mamas were showered with compliments by TikTokers, calling them “queens” as others took notes for fashion inspo.

Mom on tiktok
While she would normally wear the cozy, black dress, this mom was transformed into a club-goer.
Mom wearing daughter's club clothes
She rocked the look, naturally, and waltzed into the bedroom to show off for the camera.

TikToker @lobadakuma dolled her mom up in clothes fit for the club — a black, sequin frock, heels, sunglasses and a quilted Chanel bag — which earned millions of likes and thousands of comments.

Mom of Hannah Hinckley (@_hinckley) — who bares an eerie resemblance to Julia Roberts, per the comments — was first outfitted in a rust-colored cardigan and plain, black pants. After her makeover, she was styled in flared, light wash denim, an off-the-shoulder tee and a pair of over-ear headphones draped around her neck.

Mom dressed in brown sweater
Users compared this mama to on-screen star Julia Roberts.
TikTok/hannah hinckley
Mom in daughter's clothes
Her daughter fashioned her in an off-the-shoulder distressed tee and baggy jeans.
TikTok/hannah hinckley

Her ‘fit was “proof we should stay dressing cool forever,” one user argued.

Overnight internet sensation Alix Earle (@alixearle) also got in on the Freaky Friday trend, swapping clothes with her already fashionable mom. She opted for her go-to bar-hopping look: a gold, sparkling halter top and low-rise black pants, topped off with a handle of Grey Goose.

Other moms flaunted their fit bods in their kid’s low-rise trousers and tiny tees, prompting young viewers to beg for their workout routines and diet secrets.

“What are these mums daily dietary routines because I need it to look this good,” wrote one shocked user.

“Why are all these Mums fitter then me,” one quipped.

“Do my abs come in after I become a mom?? I need answers,” joked another.

A few bold women taking part in the trend opted to style their grandmothers, or even their dads.

One user fashioned her grandma in a cleavage-bearing crop top, flame-shaped micro sunglasses and an edgy leather jacket — a stark contrast from the granny’s white and pink knit sweater and comfy sneakers.

The clip, posted by TikToker @greta_e, earned 11.8 million views, including many who cheered the sweet granny on.

“YOUR GRANNIE IS WINNING,” applauded one person.

“Oh my god this has to be the best video I’ve seen this year,” wrote someone else.

“She slayed this so much,” encouraged another.

One TikToker named Kaylyn (@kaylynndawyy) dressed her father, Norm, in her clothes, which fit his slender frame shockingly well. He sported a backless, black turtleneck, baggy, blue jeans, a gold chain and a black crossbody — giving Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson vibes, some said.

Dad on TikTok
One TikToker even styled her dad in her clothes, stripping him of his Old Navy garb and giving him a look fit for Gen Z.
Dad in daughter's clothes
The black cropped shirt and blue jeans were simple, but fashionable.
Dad in daughter's clothes
It was the back of the top, however, that made viewers laugh — the open, back was complete with a bow.

Some fans claimed Norm’s was the “best one” of them all.

“Norm absolutely ate this up,” said one user.

“They way he looks more confident in ur clothes Im crying,” commented another.

“SLAY KING,” agreed someone else.

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