5 Boating Safety Tips to Stay Safe on Water

5 Boating Safety Tips to Stay Safe on Water

One of the most fun activities during the summer holidays is boating. Many people spend their summers on the shores, some like barbequing, while others take their boats out and do a little fishing or enjoy boating around. 

However, before taking your boat out on the water, you must know some essential safety tips to avoid accidents or tackle other adversities. Imagine playing football without a helmet or shoulder pads; indeed, you can play it but putting your body in harm’s way is not clever thinking. You can prepare yourself by taking courses and following the precautions. If you need professional assistance in navigating waters safely, ilearnttoboat offers a state-approved course for your PA boaters license.

Here are some five boating safety tips to stay safe on the water and have fun.

Wear a Life Jacket 

Life is unpredictable, so get ready to face its challenges. First, make sure that you are wearing an approved life jacket. According to some experts, there is a high chance of about 80-85% of surviving if you are wearing a life jacket. 

Whether you are an expert or an amateur, life jackets are crucial for boat safety, so don’t ignore them. 

Drinking is Injurious to Life

Drinking can become a massive problem while boating. Driving under the influence is a severe crime in almost every country and carries heavy punishment and fines. But, when it comes to boating, people often don’t take it seriously though alcohol can be more dangerous on the water than on land.  

Check the Weather

Never trust your sight only. If you see a warm sunny day, never plan a trip because it’s clear skies. However, check the weather beforehand, even if it’s a clear day. There have been instances where the trip started with sunny weather and ended up in a storm. Therefore, check the weather beforehand and plan your boating trip accordingly. There is nothing worse than getting caught in a storm in open waters.   

Emergency Equipment 

Never forget to check that you have all the necessary emergency equipment. According to the NSW, life jackets, maps, compass, bailer, anchor and chain, drinking water, fire extinguishers, flares, paddles, and water-proof torches are essential emergency equipment. 

If you are driving a boat with passengers, tell everyone where the emergency equipment is and how to use it properly. Besides peace of mind, this little exercise can save lives during an emergency.

Navigation Rules and Local Boating Laws

Following navigation rules on the water is as vital as following traffic rules on the road. You should be aware of your local boating laws and always try to follow them because negligence may result in a fine or jail time. Every state has its boating laws, so be sure to check them thoroughly before entering the water. 

No matter how experienced, never abandon the safety tips and rules. Entering open water is as unpredictable as life; you never know what’s coming. Therefore, always take special precautions and follow the above safety tips to enjoy boating. 

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