Cheap Places To Stay In New York City

Cheap Places To Stay In New York City

If you are planning to visit New York City and looking for some of the beautiful yet cheap places to stay, then this blog post is for you. Below, we have named some of the best yet reasonable places to stay in NYC to make your trip the best.

The Millennium Broadway

Millennium Broadway is situated in the heart of Manhattan. The rooms of this hotel offer the best view of never-ending action at Times squares NYC. You can access the Hudson theatre through the hotel lobby. Let me tell you that this place is one of the reasonable places to stay in NYC. They also offer amazing offers and discounts, so keep an eye on them if you are planning your trip to New York City.

Hudson Hotel

If you are looking for luxury and economical stay in NYC, then Hudson hotel could be the best choice. This hotel has prime with modern rooms, luxury beds, and an inspiring lobby. The sleek and whimsical aesthetics with its airy lobby makes it the tourists attraction. You can also enjoy your cup of tea in their beautiful ivy-covered greenhouse. Newyork staples like the Guggenheim museum and central park are within walking distance of this hotel. This hotel is near to all the attractions in NYC

The Jane

The Jane Hotel is one of the most iconic properties of NYC. This hipster haven has a storied past that is visible through its lovely vintage aesthetics. Once, the hotel was used to be a temporary abode for the survivors of the Titanic, and the rooms of the Jane were restored to look like the cabins of the ship. The manually operated and antique operated elevator works by uniformed bellhops. It adds the charm of the luxury rooms. The bedroom choices include retro-inspired bunk bedrooms, beautiful walls with patterned peacock wallpaper, and a captain cabin with a private terrace. We suggest you try this hotel. Jane is going to give you a lifetime experience.

The Harlem Flophouse

The dark wood interior with jazz music and moody lighting makes the musician Rene Calvo Harlem inn feel like a special 1930s than the latest B&B. The luxury suites, named for Harlem Renaissance figures like Cozy Cole and Chester Himes, have restored a quirky mix of junk-store furnishing, tin ceiling, and working sinks in an antique cabinet.

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