Cupcake ATM in New York City

Cupcake ATM in New York City

New York has become known worldwide for its cupcakes, thanks to the Magnolia bakery and Sex and the City. The events bakery, Magnolia, and countless other cupcake shops in the city demonstrated that Manhattan has much more to offer than Burgers, Pizza, and Hotdogs. 

Cupcakes are sold in every corner of the city and come in every flavor you can imagine. The cupcake ATM is probably one of the most enjoyable ways to get your cake fixed if you need cupcakes at an inconvenient hour or just want to give this fantastic creation a visit.

Purchase a cupcake 24/7

New York City is known for never sleeping. The Cupcake ATM is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides some of the freshest Cupcakes to satiate your needs. If Barbie were in charge of design, the Cupcake ATM would appear as a conventional ATM.

Cupcakes with Sprinkles

Sprinkles bakery is well-known in New York for its wonderful ice cream and fantastic cupcakes. The Cupcake ATM was inspired by Candace Nelson, the bakery’s founder, who was always craving cupcakes during her pregnancy. 

That is why she took action and invented the Cupcake ATM. You will have to wait in line at the Cupcake ATM because it is constantly busy, but it is worth it. Cupcakes are available in various flavors, including chocolate, marshmallow, and biscuits. Inside the ATM, there are 800 single cupcakes available for $4.25 each.

Beautiful packaging

Payment can be made with ease using a debit or credit card. The cupcakes come out of the machine in beautiful tiny boxes. You always want more of the small cakes because they are so wonderful.

Dog Food

Cupcakes will be served to the dogs as well. Your dog will receive his own “dog-cupcake” for only $5.

What is the location of the ATM?

Between 60th and 61st Streets on Lexington Avenue.

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