Which Unique Food Event Is Held In Phelps New York?

Which Unique Food Event Is Held In Phelps New York?

Every year, Phelps holds a Sauerkraut Festival to commemorate the time when it was known as the sauerkraut capital of America. For the past 52 years, Phelps has hosted a festival dedicated to sauerkraut and cabbage. The Sauerkraut Festival includes everything from food samples to arts and crafts exhibits with attractions like rides for kids as well. It was once featured on the Food Network!


Phelps is a small village located in the Finger Lakes region of Ontario County. The settlement was first settled back in 1793 and has since become known as one of the largest producers for sauerkraut across America. The first full weekend in August, the town of Phelps celebrates with an annual Sauerkraut Festival – a celebration that is not smelly at all.

The Food Attraction

This unique festival features food made with cabbage and sauerkraut (which is fermented shredded cabbage), contests on eating different types of kimchi, arts & crafts like embroidering clothing with homemade pickles patterns or creating pottery using pig intestines for decoration instead of porcelain paint; rides that are fit for children such as pony rides along fields filled with fresh-cut grasses; live music by local bands playing traditional German songs while everyone eats their bratwurst served in steamed buns smothered in delectable condiments including red currant jam handmade. 

The Great Cabbage Festival in Littleton is a perfect activity for families. Visitors will find plenty of sauerkraut to eat while participating in cabbage-themed activities, like cabbage bowling and decorating their heads with cabbage leaves.

Other Activites

In a town known for its German heritage, there is no better celebration than the annual Cabbage Festival. The events include live music, a 20k race at 9 am that starts and ends with cheering crowds on Main Street (which will be closed for this event), Kraut Idol, fireworks to conclude at dusk after a day full of arts & crafts booths, and pony rides while you wait for your chance to eat some delicious kielbasa from an open grill or try out any number of other fair food options brought by local vendors. A parade presented by various scouts groups precedes all these festivities before culminating into a yearly tradition-eating contest where participants have five minutes to devour 1lb bags.

 The Sauerkraut Festival is the perfect way to spend time with your family and friends. You can enjoy delicious food, live music, and activities like rides for kids. A break from the daily routine is necessary and a festival to get that break sounds amazing.

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