Going Off the Beaten Track: Finding the Hidden Gems In New York

Going Off the Beaten Track: Finding the Hidden Gems In New York

Discovering Another Side Of New York

New York is a very popular, iconic tourist trap. But what makes and breaks it is that there is a lot of worldwide media around it. TVs and movies are set in New York, showing off the best and worst of it, depending on what you’re watching.

But maybe you’re tired of the Empire State Building and Times Square. You might want to see something new, something that no one else has ever seen before. Sights, sounds, and smells that few have ventured through. Before you go off to find the hidden gems around New York, it’s worth getting a travel insurance policy to protect yourself in case of an emergency such as theft. Plenty of providers like Staysure offer a range of holiday cover so you’re ready for anything.


The typical NYC tourist’s first stop is usually Broadway to see a show, and for good reason. There are a lot of great shows that start in New York to prove themselves and then move on to the rest of the world. But even better is off-Broadway, where the shows fight to get on Broadway. Restriction creates creativity, and all the weird and whacky shows that need to gain a name for themselves start off-off-Broadway. The tickets are cheaper, the premises are wilder, the shows are livelier, and they get better the closer you get to a grandmother’s basement down an alley.

The East Village Drag March

If you’re a fan of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, no doubt you’ll want to see the drag capital of the world. Drag is a part of the NYC identity, and nowhere is that clearer than at The Stonewall Inn, the headquarters of the liberation Stonewall Riots. There are plenty of other drag establishments around the same area if you fancy seeing a show and having a few wild nights.

But if you time it just right, you might find yourself swept away by New York City’s East Village Drag March. Starting in 1994, it’s been going on every year ever since with all the color, music, and fabulous vibrancy that a march led by drag queens implies.

The Berlin Wall

No, you read that right. There is a piece of the Berlin Wall sitting in New York City. And in fact, it could blend in nicely as just another part of the city with its layers of street art and tagging on top of each other. Made up of five concrete slabs, this 12 x 20-foot section of the famed wall separating east and west Berlin is a symbol of revolution, overcoming fascism, and a uniquely bright spot in our modern history. And you can find it at 520 Madison Avenue.  

The Rockefeller Centre… Gardens

Seeing the Rockefeller Centre is a big tick on any NY tourist’s checklist. It’s a beautiful building with attractions beyond its view from the top. The ice rink gracing the bottom is a common holiday season visit and beautiful sight in its own right, and the Rainbow Room is considered the “epitome or New York glamour and elegance”.

But what gets criminally forgotten is the secret gardens of Rockefeller. Amongst the rooftops of this fabulously Art Deco building is an open space of greenery and walking paths with views that only NY could offer in an environment that feels like sitting in a lavish park.

New York is a state full of hidden gems. Straying off the beaten path and walking down a dark alley could find you face-to-face with the best food, the craziest bars, the most vibrant art, and everything in between.

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