Best Beach In New York For Kids

Best Beach In New York For Kids

New York, often called The Empire State, is one of the United States’ most popular and well-loved cities.

It’s known for its towering skyscrapers; world-class entertainment districts like Broadway or Times Square; high fashion shopping areas such as Fifth Avenue in Manhattan or Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills; beautiful beaches that offer nearly everything you could ever need (and then some) to have a good time on them—everything from beach volleyball onshore to surfing in the water! One thing New Yorkers love about their coastlines is oceanfront boardwalks because they provide limitless possibilities. Now let’s take a look at the best beach in New York for kids:

Jones Beach

It’s officially summertime! The Boardwalk is a must-do for the whole family; there are tons of entertainment options to choose from. My favorite place on the Boardwalk? Splash Park Central, where I can enjoy some fun in the sun with my little ones.

In 2018 Jones Beach opened up a new splash park that caters to toddlers too young for waves but still wants their water fix.

Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach is no doubt one of the best things in New York. When you need a break from city life, take an A Train or hop on an NYC Ferry to Rockaways Beach for some sandy fun! There are 170 acres and miles of sassy and beaches waiting just outside Manhattan proper. Concessions with delicious food, Playgrounds, a newly-renovated boardwalk with plenty of water fountains and foot showers, plus the only legal surfing beach in the five boroughs: This warm weather destination is perfect for everyone. If your high-energy kids need some running around time, then head to Beach 30th St Playground, where little bathers can run under blue arches that will soak them from head to toe while playing on ship playscape equipped with cannons designed to shoot water.

Coney Island Beach

Coney Island is a one-stop-shop for summer fun. Come and enjoy all of our attractions before you even hit the beach! You can try out a ride on The Cyclone, take in the Atlantic from New York’s Wonder Wheel or visit Nathan’s Famous to get some griddled hot dogs: Coney island has something for everyone this season! But don’t worry about crowds because there are plenty of spots with sand that your kids will love digging into while they build their own castles.

Jacob Riis Park Beach

The beach might be for little ones, but it’s an ideal spot to watch some planes land. You’ll have a great view of the jets flying overhead on their way in and out from JFK if you’re standing here! And there are plenty of people who enjoy this attraction, so even though they’re not as close-knit with food vendors as other beaches, maybe, everything is still manageable when it comes down to crowds (make sure you bring enough snacks!).

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